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The key ingredient for establishing a successful centre capable of accomplishing the missions (1. Providing the scientific foundation for sustainable management of the earth's biodiversity, 2. Promoting the development of the new scientific field: 'Integrative Biodiversity Research') is a critical mass of internationally renowned scientists who (i) have been the driving forces behind the recent advancement of German biodiversity research, (ii) have been shown to collaborate successfully in the past with other experts in biodiversity-oriented research, (iii) have covered enough of the spectrum of experimental expertise to devise the required facilities, (iv) have experience in biodiversity informatics, ecological synthesis and theory development, (v) have heavily contributed to the DFG renewal proposal of iDiv. Currently, iDiv has 111 members (see below). By participating in the e.g., sDiv executive committee, PhD advisory board of iDiv graduate school or IPBES contact group, full iDiv members carry joint responsibilities for running the centre and developing it into the world-leading place for integrative biodiversity research.

Dr. Harald Auge UFZ, Community Ecology Vegetation ecology, ecological genetics, food-web interactions website
Prof. Ian T. Baldwin MPI CE, Molecular Ecology Molecular interactions website
Prof. Martin von Bergen UFZ, Molecular Systems Biology Metaproteomics in biodegradation and microbial ecology website
Prof. Uta Berger TUD, Forest Biometry and Systems Analysis Restoration ecology, biodiversity conservation website
PD Dr. Frank Blattner IPK, Genebank Taxonomy, evolutionary biology website
Prof. Christoph Bleidorn UG, Animal Evolution and Biodiversity Phylogenomics website
Prof. Katrin Böhning-Gaese Bik-F, Community and Macroecology Macroecology, community ecology and conservation biology website
Prof. em. Wilhelm Boland MPI CE, Bioorganic Chemistry Defence chemistry website
Prof. Ulla Bonas MLU, Biology Genetic and molecular analysis of the Xanthomonas / plant interaction website
Prof. Aletta Bonn iDiv, Ecosystem Services; UFZ, Ecosystem Services; FSU, Biodiversity Ecosystem services, participatory conservation website
Prof. Ulrich Brose iDiv, Theory in Biodiversity Science; FSU, Biodiversity Theory in biodiversity science website
Prof. Helge Bruelheide MLU, Biology BD-EF, vegetation ecology website
Prof. Francois Buscot UFZ, UL; Soil Ecology Molecular microbial ecology, mycorrhiza website
Prof. Jonathan Chase iDiv, MLU: Biology Biodiversity synthesis website
Prof. Nicole van Dam iDiv, Molecular Interaction Ecology; FSU, Biodiversity Chemical ecology, molecular plant responses website
Prof. Antonis Chatzinotas UFZ, Environmental Microbiology Experimental microbial ecology, bacteria-protists-virus interactions, metagenomics, BD-EF, coevolution website
Prof. Jörg Degenhardt MLU, Pharmacy Plant metabolites, terpene biosynthesis website
Prof. Holger Deising MLU, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences Phytopathology website
Prof. Joachim Denzler FSU, Informatics Computer vision, machine learning, automatic monitoring for biodiversity research website
Dr. Walter Durka UFZ, Community Ecology Plant population genetics website
Prof. Nico Eisenhauer iDiv, UL: Biology Aboveground–belowground interactions, biodiversity–ecosystem functioning, soil ecology website
Prof. Alexandra Erfmeier Kiel University, Ecosystem Research Geobotany website
Prof. Karin Frank UFZ, Ecological Modelling Ecological modelling website
Prof. Andreas Freytag FSU, Economic Policy Development policy, institutional economics website
Prof. Christine Fürst MLU, Sustainable Landscape Development Adaptive management in social-ecological systems, transdisciplinary research, sustainable regional development, modeling social ecological systems website
Prof. Jonathan Gershenzon MPI CE, Biochemistry Plant metabolites website
Prof. Gerd Gleixner MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Processes Molecular biogeochemistry website
Prof. Andreas Gogol-Döring THM, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science Bioinformatics in biodiversity research, high-throughput sequencing, data synthesis and meta-analyses, data visualization website
Prof. Andreas Graner IPK, Genebank; MLU, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences Molecular plant breeding website
Prof. Volker Grimm UFZ, Ecological System Analysis Strategies for model development and communication, concepts in ecology (resilience, stability), Agent-based/individual-based modelling website
Prof. Ivo Große MLU, Informatics Bioinformatics website
Dr. Sylvia Haider MLU, Biology Plant invasions, community assembly website
Prof. Stefan Halle FSU, Ecology and Evolution Ecology website
Prof. Bernd Hansjürgens UFZ, Economics Environmental and resource economics website
Prof. Bill Hansson MPI CE, Evolutionary Neuroethology Insect olfactation website
Prof. Hauke Harms UFZ, Environmental Microbiology; UL, Biochemistry Environmental aquatic microbiology website
Prof. Stanley Harpole iDiv; UFZ; MLU; Physiological Diversity Community ecology, biodiversity theory, experimental ecology website
Prof. Frank Hellwig FSU, Ecology and Evolution Systematics and evolutionary biology of plants website
Prof. Klaus Henle UFZ, Conservation Biology Conservation ecology, science policy website
Prof. Isabell Hensen MLU, Biology Plant population genetics , conservation of endangered grassland species, garden/greenhouse experiments, biological invasions, (sub)tropical treelines, restoration ecology website
Dr. Martina Herrmann FSU, Biodiversity Microbial ecology of the nitrogen cycle, groundwater microbiology, aquatic geomicrobiology website
Dr. Sylvie Herrmann UFZ, Community Ecology / Soil Ecology Symbiotic interactions, plant development, transcriptomics website
Prof. Helmut Hillebrand UO, Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment Ecological stoichiometry, causes and consequences of biodiversity change website
Prof. Klaus Humbeck MLU, Biology Ageing and stress response in plants website
Prof. Andreas Huth UFZ, Ecological Modelling Biodiversity modelling, remote sensing, forest dynamics, carbon balances of vegetation, ecological theory website
Dr. Ute Jandt MLU, Biology German Vegetation Reference Database (GVRD), vegetation science website
Prof. Florian Jeltsch UP, Biochemistry and Biology Plant Ecology, nature conservation website
Dr. Jens Kattge MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Processes Biogeochemistry, plant traits website
Prof. Anke Kleidon-Hildebrandt FSU, Geosciences; UFZ, Computational Hydrosystems Vegetation dynamics in semiarid climates, Ecohydrology: root water uptake, canopy water fluxes, inverse modelling of soil water fluxes website
Dr. Stefan Klotz UFZ, Community Ecology Biogeography, plant traits website
Prof. Tiffany Marie Knight iDiv, Spatial Interaction Ecology; UFZ, Community Ecology; MLU, Biology Invasion biology website
Prof. Birgitta König-Ries FSU, Informatics Data Management, data integration, linked data, semantic web website
Prof. Franziska Krajinski-Barth UL, Biology Molecular physiology of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, plant mineral nutrition, rhizosphere interactions website
Prof. Christian Kuhlicke UFZ, Urban and Environmental Sociology Environmental and urban risks, risk management, extreme events, climate change, decision-making processes website
Prof. Ingolf Kühn UFZ, Community Ecology; MLU, Biology Biological Invasions, functional (trait based) ecology, analyses of long-term data, glacier forefield monitoring, spatial statistics website
Dr. Hjalmar Kühl iDiv, MPI EVA: Primatology Great ape evolutionary ecology and conservation website
Prof. Kirsten Küsel FSU, Biodiversity Aquatic geomicrobiology website
Dr. Michael Lattorff International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Nairobi/Kenya Animal physiology website
Prof. Martin Lindner MLU, Biology Biology didactics, geography didactics website
Dr. Miguel Mahecha MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Integration Environmental data analysis, ecological model-evaluation website
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher FSU, Informatics; Fraunhofer IMW, Competitive Intelligence Data Management, data quality website
Prof. Manja Marz FSU, Informatics Bioinformtics of RNA-Seq, ncRNAs, viruses website
Dr. Martin Mascher IPK, Domestication Genomics Plant genomics, domestication, bioinformatics website
Dr. Carsten Meyer iDiv, Macroecology and Society Macroecology, land change science, global change biology, biodiversity data website
Prof. Beate Michalzik FSU, Geography Soil science, terrestrial ecosystem research, effects of ecosystem disturbances (e.g. droughts, fires) and forest management on soil biogeochemistry website
Prof. Volker J. Mosbrugger GUF, SMNG: Geosciences Vegetation-climate-interaction, earth system dynamics website
Prof. Alexandra Muellner-Riehl UL, Biology Plant phylogenetics, systematics, taxonomy, biogeography website
Dr. Steffen Neumann IPB, Synergy Research Groups Metabolomics, computational mass spectrometry website
Prof. Goddert von Oheimb TUD, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Biodiversity conservation, nature conservation, ecosystem functioning website
Dr. Renske Onstein iDiv, Evolution and Adaption Macroevolution, frugivory, functional traits, comparative methods, diversification rates website
Prof. Jörg Overmann DSMZ, Microbial Ecology and Diversity Research Microbiology website
Prof. Robert Paxton MLU, Zoology Evolutionary ecology, conservation genetics,sociality, bees, pollination, insect conservation website
Dr. Guy Pe'er iDiv, UL; Ecosystem Services, Economics Animal movement, population viability, range-shifts, biodiversity monitoring website
Prof. Henrique Pereira iDiv, MLU: Biology Ecological modeling and theory website
Prof. Georg Pohnert FSU, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Chemical ecology website
Prof. Martin Quaas UL, Economics and Management Science Ecological economics, sustainable use of renewable natural resources website
Prof. Markus Reichstein MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Processes Ecosystem ecology, carbon cycle, ecohydrology, climate extremes, remote sensing, machine learning website
Dr. Thomas Reitz UFZ, Soil Ecology Microbial communities website
Dr. Hans-Hermann Richnow UFZ, Isotope Biogeochemistry Biogeochemistry, anaerobic microbiology website
Prof. Matthias Rillig FU, Biology; BBIB, Plant and Mycorrhizal Ecology Soil and microbial ecology website
Prof. Irene Ring TUD, Ecosystem Services Ecological economics, biodiversity and ecosystem governance, policy analysis website
Prof. Dieter Rink UFZ, Urban and Environmental Sociology Urban and environmental sociology, urban and regional research website
Prof. Christine Römermann FSU, Ecology and Evolution Plant ecology, functional ecology, vegetation ecology, phenology website
PD Dr. Christiane Roscher UFZ, Physiological Diversity Plant ecology, experimental ecology website
Dr. Nadja Rüger iDiv, Computational Forest Ecology Forest ecology website
PD Dr. Martin Schädler UFZ, Community Ecology Trophic interactions, plant-insect interactions, soil ecology, decomposition website
Prof. em. Dierk Scheel IPB, Biochemistry of Plant Interactions Plant-microbe interaction, cellular signaling, metabolite profiling website
Prof. Stefan Scheu UG, JF Blumenbach, Zoology and Anthropology Soil ecology, below / above-ground interactions, evolutionary biology website
Prof. Holger Schielzeth FSU, Ecology and Evolution Evolutionary and molecular ecology, quantitative and population genetics, local adaptation, behavioral ecology website
Senior-Prof. Martin Schlegel UL, Biology Phylogenetics website
Prof. Thomas Schmitt SMNG; MLU, Biology Biogeography, molecular ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology and genetics website
Prof. em. Ernst-D. Schulze MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Processes Ecology website
Prof. Ralf Seppelt UFZ, Computational Landscape Ecology; MLU, Geosciences and Geography Ecosystem services website
Prof. Josef Settele UFZ, Community Ecology Agro-ecology, animal ecology, insect monitoring, global change, land use and biodiversity, social-ecological systems, international assessments website
Prof. Peter F. Stadler UL, Computer Science Comparative genomics, structural biology, theory of evolution website
Prof. Sebastian Steinfartz UL, Biology Population genetics/genomics, conservation genetics, amphibian specialist expertise website
PD Dr. Mika Tarkka UFZ, Soil Ecology; UL, Biology Plant-microbe interactions website
Prof. Susan Trumbore MPI BGC, Biogeochemical Processes Carbon cycle website
Prof. Michael Vohland UL, Geography Geoinformatics, remote sensing website
Prof. Alexandra Weigelt UL, Biology Plant ecology, plant-plant interactions website
Dr. Erik Welk MLU, Biology Chorology Database Halle (CDH), biogeography website
Prof. Karsten Wesche SMNG, Botany Natural History Collections - especially herbaria, flora of Central Europe, steppe vegetation, grazing ecology, conservation biology website
Prof. Ludger Wessjohann IPB, Bioorganic Chemistry Plant biochemistry website
Prof. Anja Widdig UL, Biology; MPI-EVA, Primatology Behavioural and genetic diversity, chemical ecology, primate ecology and conservation website
PD Dr. Thorsten Wiegand UFZ, Ecological Modelling Spatially explicit individual-based models, spatial point-pattern analysis, inverse model parameterization and pattern-oriented modeling website
Senior-Prof. Christian Wilhelm UL, Biology Algal physiology website
Dr. Marten Winter UL, sDiv Macroecology, Biological Invasions, Mammal Ecology, Biodiversity Change, Functional/Phylogenetic diversity, Biodiversity conservation website
Prof. Christian Wirth UL, Biology Forest ecology, trait-based ecology, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, carbon cycling, fire ecology, canopy research, biodiversity informatics website
Dr. Tesfaye Wubet UFZ, Soil Ecology; UL, Biology Microbial ecology, metagenomics, bioinformatics website
Prof. Jörg Zabel UL, Biology Biology education, evolution teaching, design and evaluation of learning environments website
Prof. Christian Zörb University of Hohenheim, Crop Science Stress physiology, plant nutrition website

Associated members

Associated iDiv membership is held by external scientists who (i) have left iDiv but would like to stay in close contact with the research centre, e.g., due to tremendous efforts and time they allocated to iDiv projects, (ii) participate in an iDiv Committees, without being an employee or full iDiv member. Currently, iDiv has 6 associated members (see below).

NameAffiliationResearch area(s)
PD Dr. Jürgen DenglerZHAW, Research Group for Vegetation EcologysMon, sPlot, vegetation ecology, macroecology, biodiversity conservation, ecoinformatics, experimental plant ecology, vegetation classificationwebsite
Dr. Klaus JürgensLeibniz-Institut für OstseeforschungAquatic microbial ecology, biogeochemistry of hypoxic marine systems, trophic interactions in microbial food webs, diversity and ecology of aquatic protistswebsite
Dr. Stefan MeldauKWS SAATBiochemistry, ecology, genetics, genomics, omics, plant sciencewebsite
Stefan SchafferUL, Biology  website
Dr. Frank D. SteinheimerMLU, ZoologyZoology, systematics (taxonomy), evolutionary biologywebsite
Dr. Jula ZimmermannUFZHead of HIGRADEwebsite

List of abbreviations:

DSMZ = Leibniz Institute German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures
FSU = Friedrich Schiller University Jena
FU = Freie Universität Berlin
GUF = Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
iDiv = German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
IPB = Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry
IPK = Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
MLU = Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
MPI BGC = Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
MPI CE = Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
MPI EVA = Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
MPI MIS = Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Science
SMNG = Leibniz Institute Senckenberg Museum of Natural History
TUD = Technische Universität Dresden
TUM = Technische Universität Munich
UFZ = Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
UG = Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
UL = Leipzig University
UO = University of Oldenburg
UP = University of Potsdam

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