iDiv Members

Research at iDiv is enhanced through the expertise of the more than 160 active members within the iDiv consortium: Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Uni Jena), Leipzig University (UL), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI BGC), Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (MPI CE), Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA), Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB), Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), and Leibniz Institute Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz (SMNG).

Full members

Full members of iDiv are scientists who are linked to one of the executing institutions or partner institutions. This includes:

  1. core professors appointed by iDiv as Research Group Leaders
  2. the leaders of independent junior research groups established by iDiv.

Admission as full members can be granted to scientists who are employed by the participating institutions (executing or partner institutions), and:

  1. are independent/leading scientists who can represent iDiv in their institutions,
  2. have demonstrated scientific excellence,
  3. are internationally recognized scientists who work in an integrative and collaborative manner, have expertise relevant to iDiv, and contribute to iDiv's mission.

The Science Strategy Board, in accordance with the iDiv Board of Trustees, decides on applications for admission of new full members. Currently, iDiv has 120 full members (see below).

List of full members

Dr. Oliver Arranz-BeckerMLU, Quantitative Methods in Social SciencesSocial sciences, biodiversity on health, Quantitative methods in the social scienceswebsite
Dr. Harald AugeUFZ, Community EcologyVegetation ecology, ecological genetics, food-web interactionswebsite
Dr. Ana BastosUL, Land-Atmosphere InteractionsClimate variability & extremes, carbon cycle, disturbances, data-modelling integrationwebsite
Prof. Peter BayerMLU, Department of Applied GeologyGroundwater, geoenergy, industrial ecologywebsite
apl. Prof. Dr. Markus Bernhardt-RömermannUniv. of Jena, Vegetation EcologyVegetation Ecology and ecosystem changes, forest ecosystemswebsite
Prof. Aletta BonniDiv, Ecosystem Services ; UFZ, Ecosystem Services; Univ. of Jena, Biodiversity  Ecosystem services, participatory conservationwebsite
Prof. Ulrich BroseiDiv, Theory in Biodiversity Science; Univ. of Jena, BiodiversityTheory in biodiversity sciencewebsite
Prof. Helge BruelheideMLU, BiologyBD-EF, vegetation ecologywebsite
Dr. Jan BumbergerUFZ, Monitoring and Exploration TechnologiesBiodiversity monitoring, sensor network, data managementwebsite
Dr. Simone CesarziDiv, Experimental Interaction Ecology; ULBiodiversity-Ecosystem functioning, Experimental soil ecology, Soil functioning, Soil microbial biomass, Soil microbial respiration, Free-living soil nematodeswebsite
Prof. Jonathan ChaseiDiv, Biodiversity Synthesis; MLU, BiologyBiodiversity synthesiswebsite
Prof. Antonis ChatzinotasUFZ, Environmental MicrobiologyExperimental microbial ecology, bacteria-protists-virus interactions, metagenomics, BD-EF, coevolutionwebsite
Prof. Christopher ConradMLU, GeoecologyLand use systems and remote sensingwebsite
Prof. Holger DeisingMLU, Agricultural and Nutritional SciencesPhytopathologywebsite
Prof. Joachim DenzlerUniv. of Jena, InformaticsComputer vision, machine learning, automatic monitoring for biodiversity researchwebsite
Prof. Peter DietrichUFZ, Monitoring and Exploration TechnologiesSystem analysis and geotechnicswebsite
Dr. Daniel DoktorUFZ, Remote Sensing of Ecosystems (ROSE)Vegetation dynamics and land-use / land-coverwebsite
Dr. Susanne DunkeriDiv, Physiological Diversity; UFZImage-based cytometry, plant physiologywebsite
Dr. Walter DurkaUFZ, Community EcologyPlant population geneticswebsite
Dr. Anne EbelingUniv. of Jena, Jena ExperimentGrassland ecosystemswebsite
Prof. Nico EisenhaueriDiv, Experimental Interaction Ecology; UL, BiologyAboveground–belowground interactions, biodiversity–ecosystem functioning, soil ecologywebsite
Prof. Hannes FeilhauerUL, Fernerkundung in der Geo- und ÖkosystemforschungRemote sensing, spatio-temporal analyses of patterns in species distributions, functional ecosystem properties, ecosystem services and biodiversitywebsite
Dr. Néstor FernándeziDiv, Biodiversity Conservation ; MLUSocial sciences and ecology, science policywebsite
Prof. Karin FrankUFZ, Ecological ModellingEcological modellingwebsite
PD Dr. Martin FreibergUL, BiologyTaxonomy (The Leipzig Catalogue of Vascular Plants)website
Prof. Claudia FrickeMLU, Animal EcologyAnimal Ecologywebsite
Prof. Immo FritscheUL, SozialpsychologiePsychology, social-psychology, environmental psychologywebsite
Prof. Christine FürstMLU, Sustainable Landscape DevelopmentAdaptive management in social-ecological systems, transdisciplinary research, sustainable regional development, modeling social ecological systemswebsite
Dr. Michael GerthiDiv, MLU; Symbiont EvolutionArthropod symbiosis, molecular ecology, genomics, experimental evolutionwebsite
Prof. Bruno GlaserMLU, Soil BiogeochemistrySoil biogeochemistry, soil processes, palae-oecology, global change, stable isotopeswebsite
Prof. Gerd GleixnerMPI BGC, Biogeochemical ProcessesMolecular biogeochemistrywebsite
Prof. Volker GrimmUFZ, Ecological System AnalysisStrategies for model development and communication, concepts in ecology (resilience, stability), Agent-based/individual-based modellingwebsite
Prof. Ivo GroßeMLU, InformaticsBioinformaticswebsite
Prof. Bernd HansjürgensUFZ, EconomicsEnvironmental and resource economicswebsite
Prof. Bill HanssonMPI CE, Evolutionary NeuroethologyInsect olfactationwebsite
Prof. Hauke HarmsUFZ, Environmental Microbiology; UL, BiochemistryEnvironmental aquatic microbiologywebsite
Prof. Stan HarpoleiDiv, Physiological Diversity ; UFZ, Physiological Diversity ; MLU, Physiological DiversityCommunity ecology, biodiversity theory, experimental ecologywebsite
Prof. Daniel HaunMPI EVA, UL, Comparative Cultural PsychologyDevelopment psychology, spatial and social cognition in apes and childrenwebsite
Prof. Andreas HejnolUniv. of Jena, Zoology and Evolutionary Research; Phyletic MuseumDevelopmental biology, animal developmental diversitywebsite
Prof. Frank HellwigUniv. of Jena, Ecology and EvolutionSystematics and evolutionary biology of plantswebsite
Prof. Isabell HensenMLU, BiologyPlant population genetics , conservation of endangered grassland species, garden/greenhouse experiments, biological invasions, (sub)tropical treelines, restoration ecologywebsite
Dr. Martina HerrmannUniv. of Jena, BiodiversityMicrobial ecology of the nitrogen cycle, groundwater microbiology, aquatic geomicrobiologywebsite
Prof. Anke HildebrandtUniv. of Jena, Geosciences; UFZ, Computational HydrosystemsVegetation dynamics in semiarid climates, Ecohydrology: root water uptake, canopy water fluxes, inverse modelling of soil water fluxeswebsite
Dr Jes HinesiDiv, Experimental Interaction Ecology; ULFood web dynamics, ecosystem processes, sustainabilitywebsite
Prof. Dr. Andreas HuthUFZ, Ecological ModellingVegetation ecology, ecological modelling and theory, dynamics of forests and grasslands, carbon balances, biodiversity, disturbances, remote sensingwebsite
Dr. Ute JandtMLU, BiologyGerman Vegetation Reference Database (GVRD), vegetation sciencewebsite
Prof. Martin KaltenpothMPI CE, Insect SymbiosisInsect symbiosis, molecular interactionwebsite
Dr. Jens KattgeMPI BGC, Biogeochemical ProcessesBiogeochemistry, plant traitswebsite
Dr. Sonja KnappUFZ, Community EcologyUrban ecology, functional ecology, phylogenetic and macro-ecologywebsite
Prof. Tiffany Marie KnightiDiv, Species Interaction Ecology; UFZ, Community Ecology; MLU, BiologyInvasion biologywebsite
Prof. Birgitta König-RiesUniv. of Jena, InformaticsData Management, data integration, linked data, semantic webwebsite
Prof. Franziska Krajinski-BarthUL, BiologyMolecular physiology of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, plant mineral nutrition, rhizosphere interactionswebsite
Prof. Ingolf KühnUFZ, Community Ecology; MLU, BiologyBiological Invasions, functional (trait based) ecology, analyses of long-term data, glacier forefield monitoring, spatial statisticswebsite
Prof. Kirsten KüselUniv. of Jena, BiodiversityAquatic geomicrobiologywebsite
Porf. Sascha LaubingerMLU, General GeneticsAdaptation, Gene Regulation, Molecular Biology, Plant Geneticswebsite
Dr. Marcus LehnertMLU, HerbariumGeobotany, systematics, taxonomy, botanical garden, herbariumwebsite
Prof. Katja LiebalUL, Primate CognitionHuman biology, primate cognition,  website
Prof. Patrick MäderTU Ilmenau, Data-intensive Systems and VisualizationMachine learning, Computational Biology, Software engineering, Safety engineeringwebsite
Prof. Miguel MahechaUL, Remote Sensing CenterEnvironmental data analysis, ecological model-evaluationwebsite
Prof. Manja MarzUniv. of Jena, InformaticsBioinformtics of RNA-Seq, ncRNAs, viruseswebsite
Dr. Martin MascherIPK, Domestication GenomicsPlant genomics, domestication, bioinformaticswebsite
Prof. Richard McElreathMPI EVA, Department of Human Behavior, Ecology, and CultureAnthropologywebsite
Dr. Carsten MeyeriDiv, UL, Macroecology and SocietyMacroecology, land change science, global change biology, biodiversity datawebsite
Prof. Beate MichalzikUniv. of Jena, GeographySoil science, terrestrial ecosystem research, effects of ecosystem disturbances (e.g. droughts, fires) and forest management on soil biogeochemistrywebsite
Prof. Maria MittagUniv. of Jena, Molecular BotanyPhotosynthetic protists (mainly microalgae)website
Prof. Alexandra Muellner-RiehlUL, BiologyPlant phylogenetics, systematics, taxonomy, biogeographywebsite
PD Dr. Hendrik MüllerMLU, Collections (ZNS)Evolution of development in amphibians, morphology, amphibian taxonomywebsite
Prof. Dr. Birgit MüllerUFZ, Ecological ModellingSocio-environment systems, agent-based modelling, human behavior, land usewebsite
Dr. Steffen NeumannIPB, Synergy Research GroupsMetabolomics, computational mass spectrometrywebsite
Dr. Omer NevoiDiv, Univ. of Jena, Evolutionary Ecology GroupEvolutionary ecology, chemical communication between plants and animalswebsite
Prof. Manuela NowotnyUniv. of Jena, Zoology and Evolutionary Researchanimal physiology, neuroethology, acousticwebsite
Dr. Renske OnsteiniDiv, UL, Evolution and AdaptionMacroevolution, frugivory, functional traits, comparative methods, diversification rateswebsite
Prof. Jörg OvermannDSMZ, Microbial Ecology and Diversity ResearchMicrobiologywebsite
Prof. Christian PapilloudMLU, Institute of Sociology  Sociology, sociological theoriewebsite
Prof. Robert PaxtonMLU, ZoologyEvolutionary ecology, conservation genetics,sociality, bees, pollination, insect conservationwebsite
Dr. Guy Pe'eriDiv, Ecosystem Services, EconomicsAnimal movement, population viability, range-shifts, biodiversity monitoringwebsite
Prof. Henrique PereiraiDiv, Biodiversity Conservation; MLU, BiologyEcological modeling and theorywebsite
Prof. Georg PohnertUniv. of Jena, Inorganic and Analytical ChemistryChemical ecologywebsite
Prof. Dr. Anton PotapovSMNG, Soil ZoologySoil biodiversity, food webs, stable isotopes, ecosystem ecology, soil ecologywebsite
Prof. Johannes QuaasUL, Theoretical MeteorologyClimate research, climate change, theoretical meteorologywebsite
Prof. Martin QuaasiDiv, Biodiversity Economics; UL, Economics and Management ScienceEcological economics, sustainable use of renewable natural resourceswebsite
Prof. Marcel QuintMLU, Plant SciencesAdaptation, physiological adaptation of plants to climate change, crop physiology, molecular biologywebsite
Prof. Markus ReichsteinMPI BGC, Biogeochemical IntegrationEcosystem ecology, carbon cycle, ecohydrology, climate extremes, remote sensing, machine learningwebsite
Dr. Thomas ReitzUFZ, Soil EcologyMicrobial communitieswebsite
Prof. Dieter RinkUFZ, Urban and Environmental SociologyUrban and environmental sociology, urban and regional researchwebsite
PD Dr. Christiane RitzSMNG, BotanyPlant evolutionary biology, plant systematics, population genetics, reproductive mechanisms in plants, Natural History Collectionswebsite
Prof. Christine RömermannUniv. of Jena, Ecology and EvolutionPlant ecology, functional ecology, vegetation ecology, phenologywebsite
PD Dr. Christiane RoscheriDiv, UFZ, Physiological DiversityPlant ecology, experimental ecologywebsite
Dr. Nadja RügeriDiv, UL, Biodiversity EconomicsForest ecology and modeling, tree demographywebsite
Prof. Reinhold SackmannMLU, Institute of SociologySociology, Analyse of social structureswebsite
Prof. Severin SassoUL, Plant PhysiologyMicroalgae interactions, photosynthesis, stress and ecophysiologywebsite
PD Dr. Martin SchädlerUFZ, Community EcologyTrophic interactions, plant-insect interactions, soil ecology, decompositionwebsite
Prof. Holger SchielzethUniv. of Jena, Ecology and EvolutionEvolutionary and molecular ecology, quantitative and population genetics, local adaptation, behavioral ecologywebsite
Senior-Prof. Martin SchlegelUL, BiologyBiodiversity and Evolutionwebsite
Dr. Marion SchrumpfMPI CE, Soil BiogeochemistryBiogeochemical cycles, soil science, ecosystem functions and services, land use, global changewebsite
Dr. Oliver SchweigerUFZ, Community EcologyAnimal ecology and ecological systems across different scaleswebsite
Prof. Ralf SeppeltUFZ, Computational Landscape Ecology; MLU, Geosciences and GeographyLandscape Ecology, natural resource management & economics, global change, international assessmentswebsite
Prof. Josef SetteleUFZ, Community EcologyAgro-ecology, animal ecology, insect monitoring, global change, land use and biodiversity, social-ecological systems, international assessmentswebsite
Prof. Ilkhom SolievMLU, Environmental SociologySocial sciences, institutions and behavior, governance, societal transformations, experimentswebsite
Dr. Emily F. SollyUFZ, Computational HydrosystemsPlant-soil interactions, biogeochemistrywebsite
Prof. Peter F. StadlerUL, Computer ScienceComparative genomics, structural biology, theory of evolutionwebsite
PD Dr. Mika TarkkaUFZ, Soil Ecology; UL, BiologyPlant-microbe interactionswebsite
Dr. Franziska TaubertUFZ, Ecological ModellingEcological modelling, grassland landscapeswebsite
Prof. Andreas ThumUL, GeneticsAnatomy and insect behaviour, Neurosciencewebsite
Dr.  Yuko UlrichMPI CE, Social BehaviourBehavioral diversity and plasticity, social behavior, disease spread, traits, social environment, epidemiologywebsite
Prof. Nicole van DamiDiv, Molecular Interaction Ecology; Univ. of Jena, BiodiversityChemical ecology, molecular plant responseswebsite
Prof. Michael VohlandUL, GeographyGeoinformatics, remote sensingwebsite
Prof.  Martin von BergenUFZ, Molecular Systems BiologyMetaproteomics in biodegradation and microbial ecologywebsite
Prof. Alexandra WeigeltUL, BiologyPlant ecology, plant-plant interactionswebsite
Dr. Erik WelkMLU, BiologyChorology Database Halle (CDH), biogeographywebsite
Prof. Karsten WescheSMNG, BotanyNatural History Collections - especially herbaria,  flora of Central Europe, steppe vegetation, grazing ecology, conservation biologywebsite
Prof. Ludger WessjohannIPB, Bioorganic ChemistryPlant biochemistrywebsite
Prof. Anja WiddigMPI EVA, Primate Behavioural Ecology; UL, BiologyBehavioural and genetic diversity, chemical ecology, primate ecology and conservationwebsite
PD Dr. Thorsten WiegandUFZ, Ecological ModellingSpatially explicit individual-based models, spatial point-pattern analysis, inverse model parameterization and pattern-oriented modelingwebsite
Dr. Claudia WiesnerUL, Analytical Chemistrymass spectrometry, metabolomics, metabolite identification, secondary metaboliteswebsite
Senior-Prof. Christian WilhelmUL, BiologyAlgal physiologywebsite
Dr. Marten WinteriDiv, UL, sDivMacroecology, Biological Invasions, Mammal Ecology, Biodiversity Change, Functional/Phylogenetic diversity, Biodiversity conservationwebsite
Prof. Christian WirthUL, BiologyForest ecology, trait-based ecology, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, carbon cycling, fire ecology, canopy research, biodiversity informaticswebsite
Dr. Tesfaye WubetUFZ, Soil Ecology; UL, BiologyMicrobial ecology, metagenomics, bioinformaticswebsite
Prof. Jörg ZabelUL, BiologyBiology education, evolution teaching, design and evaluation of learning environmentswebsite
Prof. Sönke ZaehleMPI BGC, Biogeochemical signalsBiogeochemical cycling, biosphere-climate interactions, nutrient dynamics, terrestrial biosphere modellingwebsite

Associate members

Associate members of iDiv are scientists who are active in one of the participating institutions, and have special expertise in certain iDiv research fields and can thus support iDiv (e.g. scientists who can act as advisors to iDiv or outstanding young scientists whose work contributes substantially to iDiv's mission). Associate members may be admitted on personal request or upon proposal by members of the Science Strategy Board. The Science Strategy Board decides on applications for admission for associate membership. Currently, iDiv has 51 associate members (see below).

List of associate members

NameAffiliationResearch area(s) 
Dr. Mimi ArandjelovicMPI EVA, UL; PrimatologyPrimatologywebsite
Dr. Martha Paola Barajas BarbosaiDiv, MLU; Biodiversity SynthesisDrivers of biodiversity, functional ecology, plant diversity, global south, inclusive sciencewebsite
Dr. Marie-Lara BouffaudUFZ; Soil EcologyPlant-microbe interaction, Molecular ecologywebsite
Dr. Wolfram BrennerUL; Plant developmental biologyCytokinin, signal transduction, plant development, environmental impactswebsite
Dr. Solveig Franziska BucherUniv. of Jena; Institute of Ecology and EvolutionPlant phenology, Ecophysiology, functional traitswebsite
Dr. Juan D. Carvajal-QuinteroiDiv, UL; sDiv – Synthesis Centre of iDivMacroecology, Biodiversity synthesis, Aquatic ecosystems, Conservation biogeographywebsite
Dr. Peter DietrichMLU; Department of GeobotanyBiodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships, plant-soil interactions/feedbacks, soil biota (esp. nematodes, fungi/mycorrhiza), plant functional traits, global changewebsite
Dr. Christophe DominikUFZ; Community Ecology website
Dr. Steven DreissigMLU; Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional SciencesPlant reproductive biology, Meiosis, Pollination, Population genetics, Quantitative genetics, Cytogeneticswebsite
Dr. Jana EbersbachUL; Mocelcular Evolution and Plant Systematicssystematics, phylogenetics, plant diversification, macroevolution, biogeographywebsite
Dr. Steffen EhrmanniDiv, UL; BiologyNature-human interactions, land-systems, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, food securitywebsite
Dr. Marie EndeMLU, Plant Ecologygrasslands, habitat fragmentation, invasive species, nature conservation, population geneticswebsite
Dr. Miguel Fernandez TrigosoiDiv, MLU; Biodiversity ConservationGlobal biodiversity change, environmental governance, biodiversity observation networks, zoonotic disease modeling, invasive specieswebsite
Prof. Jonathan GershenzonMPI CE; BiochemistryBiochemistry, plant-herbivore interaction, herbivore-host plant relationshipwebsite
Dr. Hanna HoncharUFZ; Conservation Biology & Social-Ecological SystemsBees, pollination, pathogens, restoration,  diversitywebsite
Dr. Stephanie JurburgUFZ; Environmental MicrobiologyMicrobial ecology, molecular ecology, metabarcoding, bacteriawebsite
Dr. Belinda KahntMLU; General ZoologySpecies interactions, conservation genetics/genomics, pollinator-plant coevolution, phylogeneticswebsite
Dr. Janina KleemannMLU; Geosciences and GeographyEcosystem Services, Socio-Ecological Systems, Landscape Ecology, Biodiversity & Societywebsite
Dr. Lotte KorelliDiv, UFZ; Spatial Interaction EcologyBiodiversity change, biotic interactions, experimental ecology, global change, plant demographywebsite
Dr. Marlen KücklichUL, MPI EVA; Behavioural EcologyBehavioural ecology, chemical ecologywebsite
Prof. Martin LindnerMLU, BiologyBiology didactics, geography didacticswebsite
Dr. Ruth MaghUniv. of Jena; Terrestrial EcohydrologyEcohydrology, stable isotopes, forest ecosystem functioning, climate change impacts on ecosystem functioning, tree physiologywebsite
Dr. Christin MantheyMPI CE; Insect Symbiosisevolution of insect metamorphosis, insect symbiosis, genomics, and transcriptomicswebsite
Dr. Maria MendeziDiv, MLU; Biodiversity ConservationConservation Genetics, Biodiversity Monitoring and Molecular Ecologywebsite
Prof. Sarah O'ConnorMPI CE; Natural Product BiosynthesisNatural Product Biosynthesiswebsite
Dr. Rui Ying Rachel OhiDiv, UFZ; Biodiversity and Peoplenature conservation, climate change, urban ecology, human health and wellbeing, global southwebsite
Dr. Octavio M. Palacios-GimenezUniv. of Jena; Population EcologyKaryotype evolution, speciation, sex chromosomes, repetitive DNA, cytogenomicswebsite
Dr. Karin PotthastUniv. of Jena; Soil ScienceSoil biogeochemistry, soil ecology, ecosystem disturbance, water and nutrient fluxes, soil protectionwebsite
Dr. Robert RauschkolbUniv. of Jena; Institute of Biodiversityplant phenology, functional traits, evolutionary-ecology, rapid evolutionwebsite
Prof. Solveig RichterUL; Social Sciences / Peace and Conflict StudiesBiodiversity & Society, Ecosystems and Local Dynamics of Conflicts, Resource Governance, Global South, Colombiawebsite
Dr. Christian RistokiDiv, UL; Experimental Interaction EcologyPlant-Soil-Herbivore interactions, Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning, Eco-Metabolomics, Biodiversity changewebsite
Dr. Julian RodeUFZ; Environmental Politicsbehavior change, values, policy instruments, governance, economicswebsite
Dr. Christoph RoscheMLU; Plant EcologyMolecular diversity, intraspecific variationwebsite
Dr. Vajiheh Safavi-RiziUL; Plant Physiology/General and Applied BotanyClimate change, flooding/hypoxia, nitrogen deficiency, drought, nitric oxide (NO), soil microbeswebsite
Jun. Prof. Dr. Beatriz Sánchez ParraUL; Biodiversity of the AtmosphereBiodiversity of the Atmosphere, Biosphere-atmosphere interaction, Molecular Biology, Sequencing, Bioinformaticswebsite
Dr. Brigitte SchlöglUL, MPI EVABehavioural ecology, Olfactory communication, Body odour, Social cognition, Primateswebsite
Dr. Chloé SchmidtiDiv, UL; Senior Scientist ProgrammePopulation genetics, Landscape genetics, Vertebrate evolutionary ecology, Macroecology, Conservationwebsite
Dr. Sandeep SharmaiDiv, MLU; Biodiversity ConservationConnectivity conservation, Landscape genetics, Carnivore ecology, Biodiversity monitoring, Conservation and Geopolitics in South and South-East Asiawebsite
Dr. Antonella SoroMLU; General ZoologyEvolution of sociality, impact of anthropogenic changeswebsite
Dr. Maria SporbertMLU; Geobotany and Botanical Gardenbiodiversity change, biodiversity monitoring, plant ecology, macroecologywebsite
Dr. Ingmar StaudeUL; Systematic Botany and Functional BiodiversityGlobal change ecology, Biodiversity conservation, Conservation Gardening, Plant successionwebsite
Dr. Frank D. SteinheimerMLU; ZoologyZoology, systematics (taxonomy), evolutionary biologywebsite
Dr. Panagiotis TheodorouMLU; General ZoologyPopulation genetics, insect biodiversity, host-parasite interactions, plant-pollinator interactions, pollinationwebsite
Dr. Alexander TischerUniv. of Jena; Soil ScienceForest ecology and management, exo-enzymes and decomposition, ecohydrology, ecosystem disturbance and restorationwebsite
Dr. Sabrina TrägerMLU; Plant EcologyPlant-environment interaction, plant conservation (genetics), landscape genomics, citizen sciencewebsite
Dr. Henriette UtheIPB; Metabolomics FacilityPlant Metabololomics; Untargeted and targeted metabolomics (HPLC-MS); Metabolomic Data Analysis Experimental Design Advice; Project Management Training for Metabolomics Userwebsite
Dr. Roel van KlinkiDiv, MLU; Biodiversity SynthesisInsects, biodiversity change, nature conservation, biodiversity monitoringwebsite
Dr. Jana WäldchenMPI BGC; Biogeochemical integrationSpecies identification, species prediction, trait analysiswebsite
Dr. Sebastian WienekeUL; Remote Sensing Centre for Earth System ResearchRemote Sensingwebsite

Honorary members

Honorary members are persons who have rendered outstanding contributions to iDiv. This contribution can be either of scientific nature or in the form of science-policy, strategic or administrative support. Honorary membership shall also be conferred upon individuals who have rendered outstanding contributions in society and politics towards the interests of biodiversity research in general and iDiv in particular. Honorary members are nominated by the General Member Assembly and appointed by the Science Strategy Board. Currently, iDiv has five honorary member (see below).

List of honorary member

NameAffiliationResearch area(s) 
Prof. Dr. François BuscotUFZ; Department of Soil Ecology; ULMolecular microbial ecology, mycorrhizawebsite
Dr. Stefan KlotzUFZ; Department of Community EcologyBiological invasions, biogeographywebsite
Senior-Prof. Martin SchlegelUL; BiologyBiodiversity and Evolutionwebsite
Prof. Dr. med. Beate A. SchückingFormer Rector of Leipzig University  
Andreas SickertLeipzig Forest website

Membership Committee

The membership Committee consists of five full iDiv members, representing the iDiv institutions, one iDiv core professor, and the member relations officer (MRO). Members of the Membership Committee are appointed by the iDiv Science Strategy Board (SSB) for two years.

The membership committee is in charge of all membership issues at iDiv. This includes the discussion of concepts for the membership as well as the coordination of the application process. We also serve as contact for people interested in iDiv membership and the iDiv local committees regarding membership issues.

Currently, the Membership Committee has the following members:

  • Harald Auge (UFZ)
  • Isabell Hensen (MLU)
  • Martina Herrmann (Univ. of Jena)
  • Jens Kattge (chair, MPI BGC)
  • Martin Quaas (iDiv)
  • Jan Schnitzler (MRO)
  • Christian Wirth (UL)


Please note that iDiv membership is currently under revision in preparation for our new governance (anticipated start in October 2024) and that we currently do not accept new applications for iDiv membership. We should be ready to accept applications again in the second or third quarter of the year. In the meantime, please contact our Member Relations Officer (MRO) and we will inform you as soon as we are ready to process new applications.


In case of questions, please contact the membership representative of your respective Local Committe (see above) or our Member Relations Officer (MRO) Jan Schnitzler.

Please submit your membership application to our MRO Jan Schnitzler:

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