Research at iDiv

What is “Biodiversity”?

Biodiversity describes the biological diversity of all species on Earth. It also includes the genetic diversity of all organisms, their interactions and the diverse ecosystems they form with their natural environment. All these facets that form biodiversity are the basis for the ecosystems processes and products used by us humans. Biodiversity provides the basis for food and medicinal procuts, for natural resources and other ecosystem services. Not least, it also acts as a climate buffer and regulates the availability of drinking water.

What is “Biodiversity Research”?

The global loss of species leads to profound changes of our environment and puts the functioning of ecosystems and ecosystem services at risk. To better undertand the role of biodiversity and the measures that are required for its protection, research on the basics of biodiversity is needed. This requires collaboration and coordination of various disciplines and scientific approaches.

iDiv researchers conduct basic research, on the basis of which decision-makers from the applied and policy sector can develop solutions for the current biodiversity crisis.

Research Areas

Integrating the individual research programmes of more than 150 active members across 11 institutions, 
iDiv has defined five, highly linked, main Research Areas:

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