ChloƩ Schmidt

Postdoctoral Researcher
Senior Scientist Programme

iDiv publications


Schmidt, C., Hoban, S., Hunter, M., Paz-Vinas, I., Garroway, C. J.

(2023): Genetic diversity and IUCN Red List status. Conservation Biology

Ferguson, Steven H., Higdon, Jeff W., Schmidt, Chloe, Pomerleau, Corinne, Matthews, Cory J. D.

(2023): Investigating the Relationship Between Body Shape and Life History Traits in Toothed Whales: Can Body Shape Predict Fast-Slow Life Histories?. Evolutionary Biology

Usui, Takuji, Lerner, David, Eckert, Isaac, Angert, Amy L., Garroway, Colin J., Hargreaves, Anna, Lancaster, Lesley T., Lessard, Jean-Philippe, Riva, Federico, Schmidt, ChloƩ, van der Burg, Karin, Marshall, Katie E.

(2023): The evolution of plasticity at geographic range edges. Trends in Ecology & Evolution
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