Welcome to yDiv – the Graduate School of iDiv

yDiv is the graduate school for young biodiversity researchers at iDiv. Its aim is to educate doctoral researchers in inter- and transdisciplinary biodiversity research.

yDiv offers first class training and support to doctoral researchers in a stimulating, international research environment. As part of iDiv, the graduate school offers unmatched opportunities of courses and networking. yDiv doctoral researchers accumulate valuable skills in assimilating knowledge and techniques from various disciplines, and combining different approaches in their work. In addition, we offer a wide range of transferable skills training.

Learn how to join yDiv or read more about our programme in the PhD Guide (PDF).

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Upcoming events

19+20 November 2020: Occupancy Modelling for Species Distribution Data (Online)

In this 2-day course, participants will learn the principles of occupancy modelling by simulation and analysis of real-world data. We will learn how to use standard R packages (“unmarked”) as well as more flexible (but more complex) models using JAGS.

26+27 November, 15 December 2020: Create your personal competency profile (Online)

Young scientists are often lacking awareness of their competencies, and find it hard to put them into words. However, it is fundamental that young scientists can describe their competencies in a concise way, if they want to apply successfully for positions within and outside academia. This course is based on the Kompetenzenbilanz coaching method. Course participants analyze their competencies in detail and identify their strengths, practice how to explain them to potential employers and develop an action plan for further development.

1-2 December 2020: yDiv/TreeDì course: Women in Leadership (Online)

Being a leader has its own challenges. It takes good communication skills, the ability to give and receive feedback, some courage and trust in the own strengths as well as empathy and motivation. All these characteristics can be learned and developed. This workshop is tailor-made for female academics who want to learn self-management and team leading. In addition to general leadership topics, we will discuss gender-specific aspects.

3-4 December: Teaching in higher education - Basic course (Online)

In this course, participants learn to know basic ideas of teaching in higher education (Hochschuldidaktik). They will be able to plan and to hold their own course.

7-8 December: Building R packages with Rstudio and GitHub

The course guides through the process of building and R package using the RStudio tool chain, starting from conceptualization until publication. We will provide example data and code, but encourage the students to bring their own data and code. Familiarity with R and basic understanding of R-coding is required.

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