Welcome to yDiv – the Graduate School of iDiv

yDiv is the graduate school for young biodiversity researchers at iDiv. Its aim is to educate doctoral researchers in inter- and transdisciplinary biodiversity research.

yDiv offers first class training and support to doctoral researchers in a stimulating, international research environment. As part of iDiv, the graduate school offers unmatched opportunities of courses and networking. yDiv doctoral researchers accumulate valuable skills in assimilating knowledge and techniques from various disciplines, and combining different approaches in their work. In addition, we offer a wide range of transferable skills training.

Learn how to join yDiv or read more about our programme in the PhD Guide (PDF).

Corona-related information for doctoral researchers

Upcoming events

3, 8 and 10 September: Don't Let It Drive You Nuts! Resilience and Self-Management for Researchers (online)

As a young researcher, you have to meet new professional demands, play numerous roles, know your personal qualities, not even speaking of the fact that there is also a thesis waiting to be written! This course seeks to activate and develop resilience skills in interactive units of analysis, self-reflection, communication and pragmatic counsel over the course of one and a half days. The goal is to familiarise participants with ready-to-use methods which strengthen long-term productivity as well as mental health and help you maintain a balance between work and life.

15+18 September 2020: Science Graphics (Online)

The communication of scientific findings is possible in many ways, one of the most effective and valuable is the use of graphics. However, the professional training for this skill is often being overlooked. yDiv and TreeDi are offering a workshop to get more familiar and proficient with the graphics aspect of science communication.


17 September 2020: The Persuasive Power of Your Voice
Two people can say the same thing. And yet one is more convincing than the other. Why is that? Of course, the persuasiveness and credibility of a presentation depend primarily on the arguments and their conclusiveness. In the workshop "The persuasive power of your voice " we will learn and practice techniques for the successful use of the voice in presentations.

1-2 October 2020: Introduction to Scientific Writing

Writing and publishing scientific articles is an essential part of the scientific process, which capstones the Ph.D. program. This course is designed to ease Ph.D. students into scientific writing and give them the tools to write their first research article. The aim is to give you a clear understanding of how to write papers, and come up with the most important elements of a first draft of your scientific paper.

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