Welcome to yDiv – the Graduate School of iDiv

yDiv is a graduate school for young biodiversity researchers from across the world. The interdisciplinary character of iDiv is a challenge that yDiv transfers into an opportunity for doctoral researchers by offering the chance for professional and personal development.

At yDiv, doctoral researchers can approach biodiversity science beyond their specialization. yDiv inspires them to use different approaches for their research (from theory and fundamental science to applied aspects of nature conservation and policy), different investigation objects (single organisms, manipulated communities, ecosystems) and different methodologies (modelling, field experiments, molecular ecology).

Learn how to join yDiv or read more about our programme in the PhD Guide (PDF).

Upcoming Events and Courses

11, 18/19 and 21/22 March: Biodiversity and Niche Theory

This course provides an introduction to the historical development of biodiversity and niche theory. You will trace the development of major concepts of species coexistence and biodiversity.

21 March: Git Basics - For Beginner-Level Git Users

In a five-hour session, participants will get a hands-on introduction to Git – the distributed version control system. Participants will learn to keep track of the history of their projects and to collaborate on these projects.

1-3 April: Bayesian Statistics using R and Stan for Ecologists

The course offers a straightforward and practical approach to applied statistics using Bayesian inference. It starts with a gentle introduction to the concepts of Bayesian statistics. Based on many examples, the main focus is the discussion and coding of ecological models, step-by-step from basic ANOVA or linear regression to nonlinear models.

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