Dr Omer Nevo

Head of Junior Research Group

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Taylor, B. W., Allf, B., Hopkins, S. R., Irwin, R. E., Jewell, M., Nevo, O., Nichols, L. M., Rodríguez Valerón, N., Evans, J. D., Sörensen, P. M., Dunn, R. R.

(2023): Nature's chefs: Uniting the hidden diversity of food making and preparing species across the tree of life. BioScience

Depasquale, A. N., Poirier, A., Villalobos-Suarez, C., Mah, M. A., Guadamuz, A., Cheves-Hernandez, S., Lopez-Navarro, R., Rothman, J. M., Nevo, O., Melin, A. D.

(2023): Picking pithy plants: Criteria for pith selection by a wild frugivorous primate (Cebus imitator). American Journal of Biological Anthropology

Nevo, O., Cazetta, E., Classen, A., Kuppler, J.

(2022): Editorial: Anthropogenic stressors and animal–plant interactions: Implications for pollination and seed dispersal. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Nevo, O., Valenta, K., Helman, A., Ganzhorn, J. U., Ayasse, M.

(2022): Fruit scent as an honest signal for fruit quality. BMC Ecology and Evolution

von Hoermann, C., Weithmann, S., Sikorski, J., Nevo, O., Szpila, K., Grzywacz, A., Grunwald, J.-E., Reckel, F., Overmann, J., Steiger, S., Ayasse, M.

(2022): Linking bacteria, volatiles and insects on carrion: the role of temporal and spatial factors regulating inter-kingdom communication via volatiles. Royal Society Open Science

Valenta, K. and Nevo, O.

(2022): The illusiveness of seed dispersal syndromes. A commentary on: Fleshy fruit traits and seed dispersers: which traits define syndromes?. Annals of Botany

Ross, A. C., Bryer, M. A. H., Chapman, C. A., Rothman, J. M., Nevo, O., Valenta, K.

(2022): Why eat flowers? Symphonia globulifera flowers provide a fatty resource for red-tailed monkeys. Folia Primatologica

Tang, J., Poirier, A. C., Duytschaever, G., Moreira, L. A. A., Nevo, O. and Melin, A. D.

(2021): Assessing urinary odours across the oestrous cycle in a mouse model using portable and benchtop gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Royal Society Open Science

Valenta, K., Bornbusch, S. L., Jacques, Y. D., Nevo, O.

(2021): In the eye of the beholder: Is color classification consistent among human observers?. Ecology and Evolution

K. Valenta, H. D. Bhramdat, G. V. Calhoun, D. J. Daegling, O. Nevo   

(2021): Variation in ripe fruit hardness: a mechanical constraint?. Oikos

Nevo, O., K. Valenta, A. Kleiner, D. Razafimandimby, J. A. J. Jeffrey, C. A. Chapman, M. Ayasse

(2020): The evolution of fruit scent: phylogenetic and developmental constraints. BMC Evolutionary Biology

Nevo, O., M. H. Schmitt, M. Ayasse, K. Valenta

(2020): Sweet tooth: Elephants detect fruit sugar levels based on scent alone. Ecology and Evolution

Valenta, K., M. H. Schmitt, M. Ayasse, O. Nevo

(2020): The sensory ecology of fear: African elephants show aversion to olfactory predator signals. Conservation Science and Practice
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