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iDiv publications


Bos, B., Drupp, M. A., Meya, J. N., Quaas, M. F.

(2020): Moral Suasion and the Private Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Environmental and Resource Economics 76(4), 1117-1138 *

Drupp, M. A., Baumgärtner, S., Meyer, M., Quaas, M. F., von Wehrden, H.

(2020): Between Ostrom and Nordhaus: The research landscape of sustainability economics. Ecological Economics 172 *

Quaas, M. F., Baumgärtner, S., Drupp, M. A., Meya, J. N.

(2020): Intertemporal utility with heterogeneous goods and constant elasticity of substitution. Economics Letters 191 *

Smith, M., Li, Q., Bronnmann, J., Karasik, R., Quaas, M.

(2020): An Age-structured Backward-bending Supply of Fish: Implications for Conservation of Bluefin Tuna. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (in press) *

Doyen, L., ..., Quaas, M., Regnier, E., Sanz, N., Thebaud, O.

(2019): From no whinge scenarios to viability tree. Ecological Economics 163, 183-188 *

Drupp, M. A., Khadjavi, M., Quaas, M. F.

(2019): Truth-telling and the regulator. Experimental evidence from commercial fishermen. European Economic Review 120 *

Lancker, K., M. F. Quaas

(2019): Increasing marginal costs and the efficiency of differentiated feed-in tariffs. Energy Economics 83, 104-118 *

Okonkwo, J. U., Quaas, M. F.

(2019): Welfare effects of natural resource privatization: a dynamic analysis. Environment and Development Economics , 1-21 *

Quaas, M. F., Tahvonen, O.

(2019): Strategic Harvesting of Age-Structured Populations. Marine Resource Economics 34(4), 291-309 *

Quaas, M., Baumgärtner, S., De Lara, M.

(2019): Insurance value of natural capital. Ecological Economics 165 *

Voss, R., Quaas, M. F., Stiasny, M. H., Hänsel, M., Stecher Justiniano Pinto, G. A., Lehmann, A., Reusch, T. B. H., Schmidt, J. O.

(2019): Ecological-economic sustainability of the Baltic cod fisheries under ocean warming and acidification. Journal of Environmental Management 238, 110-18

Hänsel, M. C., Schmidt, J. O., Stiasny, M. H., Stöven, M. T., Voss, R., Quaas, M. F.

(): Ocean warming and acidification may drag down the commercial Arctic cod fishery by 2100. PLOS ONE 15(4) *
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