Dr Sandeep Sharma

Postdoctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Dhendup, Tashi, Sharma, Sandeep, Painter, Sally, Whiteley, Andrew R., Mills, L. Scott

(2023): Evidence of tiger population structure and dispersal in the montane conservation landscape of Bhutan. Global Ecology and Conservation

Dutta, T., Sharma, S., Meyer, N. F. V., Larroque, J., Balkenhol, N.

(2022): An overview of computational tools for preparing, constructing and using resistance surfaces in connectivity research. Landscape Ecology

Sharma, S., Chee-Yoong, W., Kannan, A., Rama Rao, S., Abdul-Patah, P., Ratnayeke, S.

(2022): Identification of three Asian otter species (Aonyx cinereus, Lutra sumatrana, and Lutrogale perspicillata) using a novel noninvasive PCR-RFLP analysis. Ecology and Evolution

Proctor, M. F., Garshelis, D. L., Thatte, P., Steinmetz, R., Crudge, B., McLellan, B. N., McShea, W. J., Ngoprasert, D., Nawaz, M. A., Te Wong, S., Sharma, S., Fuller, A. K., Dharaiya, N., Pigeon, K. E., Fredriksson, G., Wang, D., Li, S., Hwang, M.-h.

(2022): Review of field methods for monitoring Asian bears. Global Ecology and Conservation

Schoen, J. M., Neelakantan, A., Cushman, S. A., Dutta, T., Habib, B., Jhala, Y. V., Mondal, I., Ramakrishnan, U., Reddy, P. A., Saini, S., Sharma, S., Thatte, P., Yumnam, B. and DeFries, R.

(2022): Synthesizing habitat connectivity analyses of a globally important human-dominated tiger-conservation landscape. Conservation Biology
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