Groups and people

iDiv has more than 100 members who work with their research groups at various locations, mainly in Central Germany. Thirteen research groups have been newly established since the founding of iDiv and work mostly at the iDiv core centre in Leipzig (core groups). The Science Strategy Board (SSB) is in charge of conception, coordination and implementation of the scientific programme. Research at iDiv is supported by Central Management.


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Core groups

Biodiversity Conservation (Prof Henrique M. Pereira, MLU)

Biodiversity Economics (Prof Martin Quaas, UL)

Biodiversity Synthesis (Prof Jonathan Chase, MLU)

Ecosystem Services (Prof Aletta Bonn, UFZ/FSU)

Evolution and Adaptation (Dr Renske Onstein, UL)

Evolutionary and Anthropocene Ecology (Dr Hjalmar Kühl, MPI EVA)

Evolutionary Ecology (Dr Omer Nevo, FSU)

Experimental Interaction Ecology (Prof Nico Eisenhauer, UL)

Macroecology and Society (Dr Carsten Meyer, UL)

Molecular Interaction Ecology (Prof Nicole M. van Dam, FSU)

Physiological Diversity (Prof Stan Harpole, UFZ/MLU)

Spatial Interaction Ecology (Prof Tiffany Knight, MLU/UFZ)

Theory in Biodiversity Science (Prof Ulrich Brose, FSU)

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