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Hillebrand, H., Blasius, B., Borer, E. T., Chase, J. M., Downing, J., Eriksson, B. K., Filstrup, C. T., Harpole, W. S., Hodapp, D., Larsen, S., et al.

Biodiversity change is uncoupled from species richness trends: consequences for conservation and monitoring Journal of Applied Ecology (in press),

Leibold, M. A., Chase, J. M., Ernest, S. K. M.

Community Assembly and the Functioning of Ecosystems: How Metacommunity Processes Alter Ecosystems Attributes Ecology 98(4), 909-19

Schuler, M. S., Chase, J. M., Knight, T. M.

Habitat patch size alters the importance of dispersal for species diversity in an experimental freshwater community Ecology and Evolution 7(15), 5774-83

Schuler, M. S., Chase, J. M., Knight, T. M.

Habitat size modulates the influence of heterogeneity on species richness patterns in a model zooplankton community Ecology 98(6), 1651-59

Harpole, W. S., Sullivan, L. L., Lind, E. M., Firn, J., Adler, P. B., Borer, E. T., Chase, J., Fay, P. A., Hautier, Y., Hillebrand, H., et al.

Addition of multiple limiting resources reduces grassland diversity Nature 537(7618), 93-96

Chase, J. M., Powell, K. I., Knight, T. M.

'Bigger data' on scale-dependent effects of invasive species on biodiversity cannot overcome confounded analyses: a comment on Stohlgren & Rejmanek (2014) Biology Letters 11(8),

Myers, J. A., Chase, J. M., Crandall, R. M., Jimenez, I.

Disturbance alters beta-diversity but not the relative importance of community assembly mechanisms Journal of Ecology 103(5), 1291-99

Schuler, M. S., Chase, J. M., Knight, T. M.

More individuals drive the species energy–area relationship in an experimental zooplankton community Oikos 124(8), 1065-70

Burgett, A. A., Chase, J. M.

Landscape context influences the abundance of amphibians and the strength of their food web interactions in small ponds Oikos 124(5), 629-38
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