The Structure of iDiv

iDiv is a DFG research centre run by a consortium of eleven science institutions.

While the iDiv core centre is currently located at the BioCity in Leipzig, iDiv research is conducted across all participating universities and institutes by more than 100 Research Groups who bring their expertise to the manifold research fields of biodiversity.

iDiv is exceptionally rich in experimental as well as virtual Research Platforms devoted to biodiversity research. Not least, these platforms are of great use for training a new generation of transdisciplinary biodiversity scientists that benefit from a steady exchange between theoreticians and empiricists. Teaching young researchers how to bridge different levels of biodiversity research is the main task of the centre’s own Graduate School yDiv.

To facilitate iDiv research, the Central Management constantly optimises and harmonises procedures as well as fosters integration within this complex consortium landscape. Furthermore, scientists are supported by a Public Relations unit to make their research output known to the public, as well as to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of biodiversity. The main catalyst for collaborations with experts worldwide, a central momentum at iDiv, is the Synthesis Centre sDiv. Combining a full-scale research centre with a synthesis centre that forms a ‘melting-pot’ of international guests and resident experts is a unique and defining feature of iDiv.

Bylaws of iDiv

Here you find the Bylaws of the German Centre for integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig ›
(PDF, This is not an official document, it is only a translation from the offical German document)

Organisation chart of iDiv

Download the iDiv organisation chart as a PDF file › here

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