iDiv's Nico Eisenhauer becomes member of the Leopoldina Academy

Research group leader Nico Eisenhauer was admitted to the German National Academy of Scienes Leopoldina.

(Picture: Markus Scholz for Leopoldina)

Rewilding amphibians: Protecting endangered species to restore ecosystems 

Researchers at iDiv propose a new strategy for rewilding amphibians in a recent study.

(Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

iDiv's founding director Christian Wirth Member of the Saxon Academy

More (in German only)
(Picture: Antje Gildemeister)

Demand for critical minerals puts African great apes at risk

One-third of Africa’s great ape population could be facing risks related to mining

(Picture: Genevieve Campbell)


18.04.24 | Media Release, iDiv, TOP NEWS, Experimental Interaction Ecology
17.04.24 | Biodiversity Conservation, TOP NEWS, Media Release

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