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NameAffiliation/Working groupPhD Project 

Ana Carolina Antunes

FSU/Theory in Biodiversity Science

Future vertebrate food webs and ecosystem services under a climate and land-use change scenario

Eduardo Arlé

UL/Macroecology and Society

improving Alien species Distribution knowledge by Integrating Data Across Scales

Ana AsatoUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyFuture vertebrate food webs under land-use and global changewebsite
Leonardo BassiUL/Systematic Botany and Functional Biodiversity researchChemical and morphological traits as mediators of biotic interactions along plant diversity gradientswebsite
Felipe BenraUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesUnraveling patterns of ecosystem series supply in Southern Chilewebsite
Elisabeth BönischUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyHow does resource inequity affect aboveground-belowground diversity and ecosystem functioningwebsite
Claudia BreitkreuzUFZ/Field Experimental Soil Ecology – GCEFImpact of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on stress resistance of winter wheatwebsite
Diego Brizuela-TorresUFZ/Conservation Biology and Social-Ecological SystemsDeForESG – Deforestation explained by social-ecological dynamics and governance shiftswebsite
Andrea BüermannUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesVielFalterGartenwebsite
Andressa CabralUL/Evolution and AdaptationMacroecology and macroevolution of plant – frugivore trait matching in the tropicswebsite
Ariane ChamoinUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesThe concept of ‘result’ at the agriculture – environment – Public Health interface : prospects for public actionwebsite
Saneesh Cherapurath SomanUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyHow do a tall, unpalatable grass and fire separately and interactively influence the phenology, size structure, and demography of woody communities?website
Rajaditya DasFSU/Theory in Biodiversity ScienceAnimal movement: From traits to networkswebsite
Bennet Rohan DevasahayamMLU/Microbial DiversityEpigenetic factors as molecular drivers of microbial biodiversitywebsite

Julia Dieskau

MLU/Geobotany and Botanical Garden

Assembly of native and exotic grassland communities – the role of mutual invasibility, priority effects and time


Isha DubeUL/Biodiversity EconomicsInternational Trade and Biodiversitywebsite
Rowan Dunn-CapperMLU/Biodiversity ConservationWhat is the Socioeconomic Value of Landscape Management?website
Alexander DyerFSU/Theory in Biodiversity ScienceModelling active dispersal of animals in spatial networkswebsite
Léonard El-Hokayem

MLU/Institute of Geosciences and Geography

Identifying threatened groundwater dependent ecosystems as local biodiversity hotspots in Saxony-Anhalt and globally via remote sensingwebsite
Sanne EversUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyLinking inter-annual climatic drivers to plant demographics ratewebsite
Jennifer GabrielFSU/Molecular Interaction EcologyEffects of intraspecific variation in functional traits on plant-herbivore-microbe interactions in white cloverwebsite
Nora HaackUL/BiologyRare for a reason? - Scale dependence of determinants of rarity and diversity of xylobiont beetleswebsite
Sophie HarzerUL/Biodiversity EconomicsValuing Natural Capital under Uncertaintywebsite
Yva HerionUFZ/Physiological Diversity website
Jonna HeuscheleUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesThe effects of landscape heterogeneity, land use intensity and crop diversity on the diversity and health of beneficial arthropods providing multiple ecosystem services in agro-ecosystemswebsite
Susanne HorkaMLU/Geobotany and Botanical GardenSpatial scaling of Porphyry Outcrop Trendswebsite
Christopher HutengsUL/Physics and GeosciencesSoil microbial community assessment with portable mid-infrared and visible to near-infrared spectroscopywebsite
Desiree JakubkaFSU/Biodiversity of PlantsResponses of herbaceous savanna vegetation to land usewebsite
Theresa Jörger-HickfangMLU/Biodiversity ConservationImpacts of land-use change on Biodiversitywebsite
Jana KachlerUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesEffects of land management on the supply and demand of ecosystem serviceswebsite
Claudia KelsallUL/Biodiversity EconomicsCRaMoRes: Changing Risks and Mobile Common Pool Resourceswebsite
Lea KolbUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesHow does the Common Agricultural Policy shape farmer decisions, agricultural landscapes and biodiversity?website
Vamsi Krishna KommineniMPI for Biogeochemistry/Functional BiogeographyEvaluating global patterns of leaf size using machine learning approacheswebsite
Patrizia KönigFSU/Systematic BotanyAre functional traits related to phenological shifts on different spatial scales?website
Paul KühnFSU/Biodiversity of higher PlantsFunSpec - Detecting long-term functional changes in biodiversity: boosting analyses of herbarium specimens usingwebsite
Jingyi LiFSU/Theory in Biodiversity ScienceThe implication of information flow on ecological networks structure and biodiversitywebsite
Lina LüttgertMLU/Geobotany and Botanical GardenBiodiversity trends for Germany using repeated habitat mapping datawebite
Susanne MarrMLU/Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB)Boosting Biodiversity with performing Eco- and Meta-Metabolomics for plant communities – Introducing an integrative analytical and bioinformatics approachwebsite
Laura MéndezUL/Evolution and AdaptationGenomic Signatures of palms with megafaunal fruits on Madagascarwebsite
Elena MotivansUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyUnravelling pollinator-plant networks across a land-use gradientwebsite
Linh Mai Nhat NguyenUL/Evolutionary EcologyEvolution of fruit scent in Madagascar's figswebsite
Andrea PachecoUL/Macroecology and Society

Influence of land governance on global land-cover and biodiversity change

Delphine PanzieraMLU/General ZoologyRapid evolution of RNA viruses as a driver of insect pollinator declinewebsite
Dimitra PapantoniouFSU/Molecular Interaction EcologyAn integrated "omics" approach to unravel the impact of root symbionts on tomato direct and indirect defenses against herbivoreswebsite
Guillaume PatoineUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyGlobal drivers of soil microbial communities and ecosystem functionswebsite
Tobias ProßMLU/Geobotany and Botanical GardenLeaf near-infrared spectra as predictors for forest ecosystem functionwebsite
Yuanshu PuUL/Evolution and AdaptationAdaptive evolution of plant-frugivore interactions on Madagascarwebsite
Konstantin ReisnerUL/Biodiversity EconomicsQuantifying the impact of climate change on economic production using satellite datawebsite
Julia Rouet-LeducUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesGRAZELIFE:Grazing for wildlife prevention, Ecosystem Services Provision, nature conversation and landscape managementwebsite
Kevin RozarioUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesDR. FOREST - Diversity of FORESTs affecting human health and well-beingwebsite
Robin SchmidtUFZ/Community EcologyThe importance of antagonistic interactions for plant specieswebsite
Rike SchwarzUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyBETA-FOR Enhancing the structural diversity between patches for improving multidiversity and multifunctionality in production forestswebsite
Josiane SegarMLU/Biodiversity ConservationAssessing the potential for natural restoration and rewilding in European landscapeswebsite
Minghua ShenMLU/Biodiversity SynthesisA global-scale sythesis of land-use effects on freshwater biodiversitywebsite
Rachel Souza FerreiraUL/Evolution and AdaptationMacroevolution and Biogeography of Mimosoideaewebsite
Marilia Souza LucasMLU/Geobotany / Plant EcologyHarnessing the power of RADseq data to achieve a more mechanistic understanding of rapid evolutionwebsite
Gideon SteinFSU/Computer Vision GroupCausal Reasoning and Deep Learning for Understanding Changes in the Soil-Plant-Climate Interactionswebsite
Marie SünnemannUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyEffects of Land-use on Soil Functioning in a Changing Worldwebsite
Jördis TerlauFSU/Theory in Biodiversity ScienceQuantifying emigration as function of bottom up and top down controlwebsite
Amibeth ThompsonUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyPlant-Pollinator networks in agroecosystems across space and timewebsite
Axel TouwFSU/Molecular Interaction EcologyThe role of biosynthesis versus transport for glucosinolate allocation in response to aboveground and belowground sink manipulating herbivoreswebsite
Jaya UpadhyayUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyForest Communities across natural and anthropogenic gradients in Eastern Himalayaswebsite
Daniel VedderUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesSimulating biodiversity dynamics on farmlands to improve policy investmentswebsite

Francisco Velásquez Puentes

UFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyThe evolution and diversification of neotropical dry forests: from micro to macro scaleswebsite
Neeraja VenkataramanUFZ/Spatial Interaction EcologyPopulation dynamics and species distribution modeling of tree species in Eastern Ghats, Indiawebsite
Julia von GönnerUFZ/Ecosystem ServicesDevelopment and evaluation of a Citizen Science programme for freshwater monitoring to assess the ecological status and pesticide contamination of streamswebsite
Franziska WaltherUFZ/Physiological DiversityDevelopment of a pollen analytical method for the determination of food plantswebsite
Alexandra WernerFSU/Theory in Biodiversity ScienceChanging Food Webs in the Anthropocenewebsite
Caitlin WilkinsonFSU/Theory in Biodiversity Science website
Huimin YiUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyMycorrhiza in tree diversity effects on ecosystem functions and food webwebsite
Romy ZeissUL/Experimental Interaction EcologyPriorities for effective soil biodiversity and ecosystem service conservationwebsite
Leana ZollerUFZ/Spatial Interaction Ecology

Plant-pollinator networks in the Arctic

Annika ZulegerMLU/Biodiversity ConservationRewilding trends in the Peneda-Geres National Park and the Oder Deltawebsite


NameCurrent positionInstitution
Irene BenderPostdoctoral ResearcherInstituto de Ecologia Regional (IER) (CONICET - UNT), Argentina
Solveig Franziska BucherPostdoctoral ResearcherFriedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
Yolanda CáceresEnvironmental Panner/Geodata ManagerIHB Ingenieurdienstleistungen GmbH, Halle/Saale, Germany
Nathaly R. Guerrero RamirezPostdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of Göttingen, Germany
Belinda KahntPostdoctoral ResearcherMartin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Stefan KupersData ScientistQiagen GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany
Ines MartinsPostdoctoral Research AssociateLeverhulme Center for Anthropocene Biodiversity, York, UK
Bettina OhsePostdoctoral ResearcherGerman Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Halle-Jena-Leipzig, Germany
Andrea PerinoScience-Policy CoordinatorGerman Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Halle-Jena-Leipzig, Germany
Ingmar StaudePostdoctoral ResearcherLeipzig University, Germany
Madhav ThakurAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Bern, Switzerland
Panagiotis TheodorouPostdoctoral ResearcherMartin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
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