Christopher Hutengs

Doctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Greenberg, I., Vohland, M., Seidel, M., Hutengs, C., Bezard, R., Ludwig, B

(2023): Evaluation of Mid-Infrared and X-ray Fluorescence Data Fusion Approaches for Prediction of Soil Properties at the Field Scale. Sensors

Sittaro, F., Hutengs, C., Vohland, M.

(2023): Which factors determine the invasion of plant species? Machine learning based habitat modelling integrating environmental factors and climate scenarios. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

Sittaro, F., Hutengs, C., Semella, S., Vohland, M.

(2022): A Machine Learning Framework for the Classification of Natura 2000 Habitat Types at Large Spatial Scales Using MODIS Surface Reflectance Data. Remote Sensing

Semella, S., Hutengs, C., Seidel, M., Ulrich, M., Schneider, B., Ortner, M., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Ludwig, B. and Vohland, M.

(2022): Accuracy and Reproducibility of Laboratory Diffuse Reflectance Measurements with Portable VNIR and MIR Spectrometers for Predictive Soil Organic Carbon Modeling. Sensors

Vohland, M., Ludwig, B., Seidel, M. and Hutengs, C.

(2022): Quantification of soil organic carbon at regional scale: Benefits of fusing vis-NIR and MIR diffuse reflectance data are greater for in situ than for laboratory-based modelling approaches. Geoderma

Seidel, M., Vohland, M., Greenberg, I., Ludwig, B., Ortner, M., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Hutengs, C.

(2022): Soil moisture effects on predictive VNIR and MIR modeling of soil organic carbon and clay content. Geoderma

Hutengs, C., Eisenhauer, N., Schädler, M., Lochner, A., Seidel, M. and Vohland, M.

(2021): VNIR and MIR spectroscopy of PLFA-derived soil microbial properties and associated soil physicochemical characteristics in an experimental plant diversity gradient. Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Richter, R., C. Hutengs, C. Wirth, L. Bannehr, M. Vohland

(2021): Detecting Tree Species Effects on Forest Canopy Temperatures with Thermal Remote Sensing: The Role of Spatial Resolution. Remote Sensing

Hutengs, C., Seidel, M., Oertel, F., Ludwig, B., Vohland, M.

(2019): In situ and laboratory soil spectroscopy with portable visible-to-near-infrared and mid-infrared instruments for the assessment of organic carbon in soils. Geoderma

Seidel, M., Hutengs, C., Ludwig, B., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Vohland, M.

(2019): Strategies for the efficient estimation of soil organic carbon at the field scale with vis-NIR spectroscopy: Spectral libraries and spiking vs. local calibrations. Geoderma

Hutengs, C., Ludwig, B., Jung, A., Eisele, A., Vohland, M.

(2018): Comparison of Portable and Bench-Top Spectrometers for Mid-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Measurements of Soils. Sensors
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