Josiane Segar

Doctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Holz, H., Segar, J., Valdez, J. and Staude, I. R.

(2022): Assessing extinction risk across the geographic ranges of plant species in Europe. PLANTS, PEOPLE, PLANET

Segar, J., Callaghan, C. T., Ladouceur, E., Meya, J. N., Pereira, H. M., Perino, A. and Staude, I. R.

(2022): Urban conservation gardening in the decade of restoration. Nature Sustainability

Segar, J., Pereira, H. M., Filgueiras, R., Karamanlidis, A. A., Saavedra, D., Fernández, N.

(2021): Expert-based assessment of rewilding indicates progress at site-level, yet challenges for upscaling. Ecography
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