Ana Elizabeth Bonato Asato

Doctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Bonato Asato, A. E., Wirth, C., Eisenhauer, N., Hines, J.

(2023): On the phenology of soil organisms: Current knowledge and future steps. Ecology and Evolution

de Oliveira, Valéria S., Alencar, Mery I. G., Belo, André Y. S. P., Gomes, Eduarda F., Teixeira, Jesiel de Oliveira, Silva, José Luiz Alves, Asato, Ana Elizabeth Bonato, Pereira, Vitória M. L., Mota, Adriano S., Monte, Otávio de Sena, Silva, Gabriel, Caliman, Adriano

(2023): Physical traits are better drivers than secondary compounds for leaf litter decomposition in a tropical heath vegetation. Flora

Alencar, M. I. G. d., Belo, A. Y. S. P., Silva, J. L. A., Asato, A. E. B., Gomes, E. F., de Oliveira, V. S., Teixeira, J. d. O., Monte, O. d. S., Mota, A. S., Pereira, V. M. L., Dantas, S. S., Silva, G. H. S., Goto, B. T., Souza, A. F., Caliman, A.

(2022): Hard to predict! No clear effects of home-field advantage on leaf litter decomposition in tropical heath vegetation. Journal of Tropical Ecology
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