Rowan Dunn-Capper

Doctoral Researcher

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Dunn-Capper, Rowan, Giergiczny, Marek, Fernández, Néstor, Marder, Fabian, Pereira, Henrique M.

(2024): Public preference for the rewilding framework: A choice experiment in the Oder Delta. People and Nature

Dunn-Capper, R., Quaas, M., Sandom, C. J., Svenning, J.-C., Pereira, H. M.

(2023): Applying conventional funding mechanisms to rewilding: the opportunities and challenges for funding rewilding in Europe. Restoration Ecology

Dunn-Capper, Rowan, Quintero-Uribe, Laura C., Pereira, Henrique M., Sandom, Christopher J.

(2023): Diverse approaches to nature recovery are needed to meet the varied needs of people and nature. Sustainability Science
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