Upcoming Courses and Events

8 June 2020Good Scientific PracticeDorit Schmidtonline via zoom0.25
12 June 2020R graphics with ggplot2Stephanie Jurburgonline via BBB0.25
27+30 July 2020Science GraphicsThomas Festeronline0.5
13 August 2020TreeDì Pub QuizSue Marr, Stefan Trogischonline 
Aug 2020 - Nov 2020German Language CourseLinguaramaonline1
Oct 2020 - Mar 2021TreeDì Seminar SeriesTreeDì Doctoral Researchersonlinetba
1-2 December 2020Women in LeadershipSusanne Dranazonline0.5
tbaVisualization of Data and ResultsDouglas Chesters, Tesfaye WubetiDiv, Leipzig, Germany0.5
tbaPre-Conference Excursion (MyDiv/Ecotron)Nico Eisenhauer, Simone CesarzBad Lauchstädt 
tba2nd Annual TreeDì PhD Conference iDiv, Leipzig, Germany0.5
tbaEco-Metabolomics for EcologistsHenriette Uthe, Fredd Vergara, Alex Weinhold, Nicole van DamiDiv, Leipzig, Germanytba
tbaField Course - Key Ecosystems of Central GermanyHelge Bruelheide, Sylvia HaiderHarz Mountains, Germany2
tbaIntroduction to Biodiversity Data ManagementJitendra GaikwadMLU Halle, Halle (Saale) Germany0.5
tbaForest Canopy Access TechniquesMartin FreibergBotanical Garden, Leipzig, Germanytba
tbaScientific Writing Retreat Leucorea, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany2

Previous Courses and Events

21 August 2019TreeDì Lecture/iDiv Seminar SeriesXiaojuan Liu, Douglas ChestersiDiv, Leipzig, Germany
1 August 2019Video Training - How to shoot science videos Volker Hahn, Stefan BernhardtiDiv, Leipzig, Germany0.5
27-28 March 20191st Annual TreeDì PhD ConferenceUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China0.5
23-26 March 2019How to read a scientific paper?Nicole van Dam, Alexander WeinholdUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China0.75
23-24 March 2019Ecometabolomics in a Nutshell (2 x half day)Nicole van Dam, Alexander WeinholdUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China0.25
18-21 March 2019Modelling Diversity InteractionsJohn Connolly, Helge BruelheideUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China1
14-17 March 2019Bioinformatics for Molecular IdentificationDouglas Chesters, Tesfaye WubetUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China1
11-13 March 2019Statistics on Biodiversity and Ecosystem FunctioningUli Brose, Shaopeng Wang, Myriam HirtUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China1
10 December 2018
Cultural Awareness Training
Diego GilardoniiDiv, Leipzig, Germany0.25
18-24 August 2018

TreeDì Kick-off Meeting/Introductory Course "BEF Research in Forests"

Chinese and German PIsUCAS Yanqihu Campus, Beijing/ Xingangshan, China1.5
24-26 July 2018Chinese language courseYou Ting iDiv, Leipzig, Germany1
12-13 March 2018TreeDì Recruitment SymposiumiDiv, Leipzig, Germany

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