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27 July & 30 July 13:00 - 17:00

6 / 0.5 CP


The communication of scientific findings is possible in many ways, one of the most effective and valuable is the use of graphics. However, the professional training for this skill if often being overlooked. yDiv and TreeDi are are offering a workshop to get more familiar and proficient with the graphics aspect of science communication. The course allows 6 projects in total, f. ex. by 3 participants from yDiv and 3 from TreeDi. There is also the possibility for two people sharing one project, so that up to 12 people can take part.

The workshop consists of a practical and a theoretical part. In the practical part the participants work out a scientific illustration of their choice under my guidance and using CorelDraw or a similar program. This practical part is accompanied by lectures on project management (scientific graphics), basics of graphic design, color, vector graphics (I mention bitmap editing in passing), 3D modeling and animation.

Each session will consist of a lecture part and a hands-on part. In the hands-on part each participant will use vector graphics to produce a scientific illustration.


Thomas Fester
Dr. rer. nat., Dr. agr. habil.

Lecturer at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and free-lance illustrator, producing scientific illustrations and short films, click here for more information.

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