Meta-analysis for research synthesis

22-25 March 2022
09:00 - 16:00 (Germany) / 16:00 - 23:00 (China)


Credit points
1.5 CP

Target Group
TreeDì Doctoral Researchers (2nd cohort).
Other interested doctoral researchers of TreeDì (1st cohort) and yDiv can join as well.

Group size
max. 20 participants

Meta-analysis denotes the quantitative aggregation (research synthesis) across multiple scientific studies. This course aims at understanding and applying the core concepts and the workflow to conduct a meta-analysis. It is structured along a working example to learn and perform the different steps of a standard meta-analysis: hypothesis formulation, literature search, data extraction, statistical analysis, presentation, assessment of potential bias. Each step will be introduced by a lecture, followed by the joint working example. At the end, the group of participants will have conducted their own meta-analysis.

Specific Topics:
➢ Understanding the aims and core concepts of meta-analysis
➢ Searching and compiling relevant published literature
➢ Extracting effect sizes from published studies
➢ Conducting statistical analyses across effect sizes
➢ Creating summary figures
➢ Conducting bias and sensitivity analyses

The workshop will prepare participants to compile their own datasets. They will become familiar with the basic workflow of meta-analyses and will become capable to conduct their own analyses.

Didactic Elements
The workshop will consist of lectures, practical exercises, and discussions together with a joint working example.

You will need
Basic knowledge of statistics in R
Own laptop with R and R studio installed

Expected performance
Active participation, independent analysis of the course data sets, writing of own R code, short presentation of own results.


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