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EIE paper club

Our EIE paper club is mandatory for all PhD, Master and Bachelor students doing a thesis with us. It is still open to anyone that wants to participate, but if you are doing a thesis with us you are supposed to participate in the discussion. This discussion will only happen once a month and it is going to be moderated by one of our Postdocs. The idea here is not to present a paper to you but rather to discuss it in a constructive way. Different Postdocs will also have different approaches and integrate discussions in different ways which will also enrich your skill set.

These paper club discussions will happen on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:30pm online, in person, or hybrid as indicated by the respected Postdoc. Three weeks before, the Postdoc responsible for that specific month will send the relevant paper(s) for discussion. You can always read more papers on the topic so we can have a more lively discussion.



      07 June 2023

      Topic: Detritivore conversion of litter into faeces accelerates organic matter turnover
      Moderator: Pierre Ganault

        05 July 2023
        Topic: tba
        Moderator: Nico Eisenhauer

        August: Summer break

        06 September 2023
        Topic: tba
        Moderator: Shan Luo

        04 October 2023
        Topic: tba
        Moderator: Irene Calderon Sanu

        01 November 2023
        Topic: tba
        Moderator: Lise Touvenot

        2021-03-25 (46 seconds paper club!)

        2021-03-04 (46 seconds paper club!)

        NamePaper titleTimeConsequence
        MalteA conceptual guide to measuring species diversity32 
        SimoneSoil microbial diversity–biomass relationships are driven by soil carbon content across global biomes47picture
        GuillaumeClimatic aridity increases temporal nestedness of invertebrate communities in naturally drying rivers42 
        ThereseEmergent microscale gradients give rise to metabolic cross feeding and antibiotic tolerance in clonal bacterial populations42 
        RomyEnvironment, Biodiversity and Soil Security: A New Dimension in the Era of COVID-1938 
        MarieTen tips for developing interdisciplinary socio-ecological researchers39 
        CarlosEffects of Past and Present-Day Landscape Structure on Forest Soil Microorganisms31 
        NicoNaturschutz und Klimawandel im Leipziger Auwald44 
        JesClimate warming enhances microbial network complexity and stability35 
        HuiPhylogenetic, functional, and taxonomic richness have both positive and negative effects on ecosystem multifunctionality37 
        LenaRole and management of soil biodiversity for food security and nutrition; where do we stand?39 
        RobertoIntraspecific trait variation in plants: a renewed focus on its role in ecological processes56picture
        LiseIntraspecific trait variation in plants: a renewed focus on its role in ecological processes55picture
        YuanyuanForest microclimate dynamics drive plant responses to warming43 
        OlgaAbove‐belowground linkages of functionally dissimilar plant communities and soil properties in a grassland experiment57picture
        RémyC-STABILITY an innovative modeling framework to leverage the continuous representation of organic matter42 
        RikeRoot Foraging Influences Plant Growth Responses to Earthworm Foraging42 
        GeorgEUNIS Habitat Classification: Expert system, characteristic species combinations and distribution maps of European habitats33 
        HenniClimate change alters temporal dynamics of alpine soil microbial functioning and biogeochemical cycling via earlier snowmelt34
        AnnetteIdentifying the best climatic predictors in ecology and evolution51
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