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Biodiversity Economics

The Biodiversity Economics research group aims at improving the scientific basis for establishing sustainability in human-nature relationships. Main areas of research are the sustainable use of renewable natural resources (e.g. marine fish stocks, rangelands, forests) and the conservation of biodiversity from regional to global scales. We study how economic incentives shape human behaviour towards nature, how sustainability – understood as justice in human-nature relationships – can be conceptualized, and how economic policy instruments could contribute to this. Our methodical expertise comprises quantitative ecological-economic modelling, dynamic optimization, statistics, economic experiments, conceptual modelling, and approaches from game theory and capital theory. Our research group is internationally well connected. We engage in integrative interdisciplinary research with natural and social scientists and researchers from the humanities.


17.03.2023 | Call for abstracts

7th Workshop on Age-structured Models in Natural Resource Economics

We invite presentations for the seventh workshop on age-structured models in natural resource economics.Both theoretical and empirical studies are welcome that integrate state-of-the-art ecological models and economics in fisheries, forestry, game, and related fields. Please submit an abstract by April 7, 2023.


16.03.2023 | Media Release

How fishermen benefit from reversing evolution of cod

Under long-term fisheries management, evolutionary change, that has resulted in smaller maturation sizes, can be reversed profitably.

16.03.2023 | New Publication

The Economics of reversing fisheries-induced evolution

New Publication by Hanna Schenk, Fabian Zimmermann and Martin Quaas in Nature Sustainability.

24.02.2023 | New Publication

Information processing in stated preference surveys: A case study on urban gardens

New Publication by Malte Wellinga, Julian Sagebiel and Jens Rommel in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (JEEM).

23.02.2023 | New Publication

The Value of Naturalness of Urban Green Spaces: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment

New Publication by Julia Bronnmann, Veronika Liebelt, Fabian Marder, Jasper Meya and Martin Quaas in Land Economics.

13.01.2023 | New Website and Twitter account

ValuGaps just launched its new website

For more information about our ValuGaps project, please visit the new ValuGaps website or follow ValuGaps on Twitter.


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