Welcome to yDiv – the Graduate School of iDiv

yDiv is a graduate school for young biodiversity researchers from across the world. The interdisciplinary character of iDiv is a challenge that yDiv transfers into an opportunity for doctoral researchers by offering the chance for professional and personal development.

At yDiv, doctoral researchers can approach biodiversity science beyond their specialization. yDiv inspires them to use different approaches for their research (from theory and fundamental science to applied aspects of nature conservation and policy), different investigation objects (single organisms, manipulated communities, ecosystems) and different methodologies (modelling, field experiments, molecular ecology).

Learn how to join yDiv or read more about our programme in the PhD Guide (PDF).

Upcoming Events and Courses

10 October: Critical Reasoning and Debating in Science
This course is aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who would like to improve their skills in oral arguing and debating. The focus of this seminar is not on rhetorics but on understanding the logic basics of reasoning and making valid conclusions and explanations.

14-15 October: Writing reports using R-Markdown and iDiv's GitLab/GitHub

We will explore how to use R-Markdown to create a publication-ready report. I will show how to include graphics, either directly from analyses performed in R, or from external sources such as .jpg-pictures; how to include mathematical equations, how to number tables, graphics and equations, how to add bibliographies, and everything else you need to write a full manuscript. Optional: I will show how to use iDiv’s Gitlab and/or Github as version control tools for your R-project in R-Studio.

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