Welcome to yDiv – the Graduate School of iDiv

yDiv is a graduate school for young biodiversity researchers from across the world. The interdisciplinary character of iDiv is a challenge that yDiv transfers into an opportunity for doctoral researchers by offering the chance for professional and personal development.

At yDiv, doctoral researchers can approach biodiversity science beyond their specialization. yDiv inspires them to use different approaches for their research (from theory and fundamental science to applied aspects of nature conservation and policy), different investigation objects (single organisms, manipulated communities, ecosystems) and different methodologies (modelling, field experiments, molecular ecology).

Learn how to join yDiv or read more about our programme in the PhD Guide (PDF).

Upcoming Events and Courses

8-12 July: Advanced Statistics 1 - Non-Linear Modelling

In this four day course, participants will learn how to statistically capture and visulize non-linear relationships with the help of program R.

16 July: Career Talk & Bagel Lunch

We are happy to invite all docs and postdocs to our career talk and bagel lunch (paid by yDiv) with George Gardner Brown. George is a researcher and professor at Federal University of Paraná and Embrapa Forestry in Brazil. He will talk about his own career path as well as answer questions concerning your career plans. Please register by 14 July.

12-16 August: Introduction into Ecometabolomics

This course seeks to offer an introduction on the application of metabolomics in ecological and biodiversity research. Tools and approaches that are used to obtain, process and analyze metabolomics data will be extensively explored. The course will partially take place on green houses/botanical garden and the laboratories of the Molecular Interaction Ecology group.

21-28 August: iDiv Summer School 2019 "Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy"

The course will address different aspects of citizen science as an innovative tool for open science, society and policy. We will deliver new insights into the values and tools of and in citizen science. Participants will work on two research projects with the opportunity to present results at the iDiv conference that takes place immediately after the summer school (29 to 30 August 2019).

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