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Embedded in the active research environment of iDiv, the Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences (sDiv) offers meetings for international working groups, postdoc positions and a sabbatical program to catalyze theoretical and synthetic thinking about biodiversity. As an additional "think tank", it brings together researchers from different projects and disciplines and creates conditions that promote a creative process. The centre is open to everyone and supports national as well as international working groups focusing on theory-driven synthesis projects. These working groups are supported by several postdocs and integrate leading scientists in a sabbatical program.

sDiv People

sDiv people - Curious? Come and visit us in the BioCity at Deutscher Platz 5e in Leipzig!


If you have any questions about sDiv, do not hesitate to contact Marten Winter, the scientific coordinator!

Phone: +49 341 97 33129

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07 Nov sDiv working group sPRED Location: iDiv House
23 Nov sDiv working group sAPROPOS Location: iDiv House
05 Dec sDiv working group sCAP Location: iDiv House
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