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MIE charters and house rules

In MIE we do not discuss about our scientific research, we also discuss how we want to do it.

Over time, we have developed several MIE charters which define how we handle co-authorships and PhD supervision. In addition, we developed ‘house rules’ defining how we want to create a respectful and welcoming culture for all in our group. These documents have been developed in our group meetings and adhere to the codes-of-conduct of iDiv and the University of Jena. They are considered ‘living documents’ that are to be reviewed regularly.

Below you will find our current house rules and charters. Please feel free to be inspired!

MIE house rules

Excellent science can only develop if we are open-minded. This includes respecting the diversity of the group members (in gender, religion, sexual orientation, the color of your skin, cultural background, etc).

To achieve this, we adhere to the following guidelinesi:

  1.  We always treat each other with respect and communicate in clear way. We will take into account that everyone is different.
  2. We talk to each other and not about each other, and we help each other to achieve this.
  3. Treat your colleagues in the way you would like to be treated yourself, while respecting individual differences.
  4. We respect each other’s free time (after working hours/vacations/weekends) and restrict the number of emails send in this time to the most urgent ones only.
  5. It is okay to say NO, but we explain why.
  6. Give praise where praise is due and thanks were thanks are due.
  7. Inform people when you will be absent. We care about you!
  8. Different information sheets will help you to find your way around, how to work safely and behave properly in the lab, in the office, in the kitchen, in the meeting rooms and in iDiv in general.
  9. We respect and pay attention to the things written in the guidelines.
  10. Leave rooms and labs as you would like to find them yourself. Or: If you open it, close it; If you turn it on, turn it off; If you break it, mention it to the lab head; If something is finished, inform the relevant person; If you empty it, you have to refill it or tell somebody; If you make a mess, clean it up; If you move it, put it back; If you do not know how to operate, ask.
  11. We expect every MIE member to take responsibilities for organizing group-wide events. Personal initiative is highly welcomed. MIE events will be announced via E-mail (not only Whatsapp).
  12. These guidelines are not written in stone; always feel free to improve our house rules

iThese Houserules were made by a team of MIE members in June 2020 and were discussed and confirmed by all MIE group members in the MIE meeting of 23 June 2020

PhD supervision charter

Here you will find the latest version of the MIE PhD supervision charter as discussed and confirmed by all group members during the MIE group meeting of May 29th 2019.

Co-authorship charter

Here you will find the latest version of the MIE co-authorship charter as discussed and confirmed by all group members during the MIE group meeting of June 23th 2020. 

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