Committee and Board

iDiv's Science-Policy work is steered by the iDiv Science-Policy Committee and advised by an external Science-Policy Advisory Board.

Science-Policy Committee

The Science-Policy Committee is a “think tank”, where ideas, concepts and strategies are developed and discussed.

Prof Aletta Bonn
Head of Ecosystem Services Research Group

Leonie Friedrich

Science-Policy Coordinator


Dr Néstor Fernández

Dr Volker Hahn
Head of Media and Communications

Dr Guy Pe’er
Senior Researcher

Prof Henrique M Pereira
Head of Biodiversity Conservation Research Group

Dr Marten Winter
Head of sDiv

Prof Christian Wirth
iDiv Member

Science-Policy Advisory Board

A board of policy makers from the global to the local level regularly advise the iDiv Science-Policy committee and provide feedback on past activities and the general Science-Policy Strategy.

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