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Kommende Veranstaltungen und Kurse

11-15 November: yDiv Welcome Week

The yDiv Welcome Week will introduce doctoral researchers to all the information and tools needed in order to successfully start their PhD career in integrative biodiversity science at iDiv. The yDiv Welcome Week is mandatory for doctoral researchers who joined yDiv in 2019.

18 - 19 November: Good Scientific Practice
This course seeks to give the participants an overview about the rules of good scientific practice, the handling of cases of scientific misconduct and to explore the differences and grey areas of questionable research practice. It is a goal of the course to create space for reflexions about values and attitudes of science and the role of scientists. The participants will learn to develop appropriate solutions for difficult situations in the process of science.

26 November: Git Basics - For Beginner-Level Git Users

This workshop is open for all iDiv employees, PhD students and Postdocs.

In a five-hour session, participants will get a hands-on introduction to Git – the distributed version control system. Participants will learn to keep track of the history of their projects and to collaborate on these projects.

28 - 29 November: yDiv Career Days

The yDiv Career Days offer a great opportunity for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at iDiv to focus on their career planning. The two days consit of workshops, individual coaching and talks by employees from different working areas and fields of expertise.

2-4 December: Introduction to Python

This course provides a general introduction to the programing language Python and some packages like numpy, pandas, matplotlib, arcpy to doctoral researchers. Through lectures and hands-on exercises, the participants will be able to program their own little programs/scripts and have an idea of how to use other packages. Active participation is expected.

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