Equal Opportunity Committee

It is important that everyone working at iDiv can develop to his or her full potential. To promote that this will happen, iDiv has installed an Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC) representing the breath of iDiv employees and members.

Our tasks is to facilitate activities and discussions to achieve that everyone at iDiv should be able to work here with pleasure and without severe limitations, independent of whether they have a family, come from a different culture or have a disability.

The EOC has several instruments to promote these goals, such as the Family Care Structural Fund (FCSF) which is managed by the EOC itself  and the Female Scientist Career Fund (FSCF), which is delegated to a separate all-female committee.

The EOC also installed two counsellors, Dr Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz and Dr Marten Winter. iDiv employees or PhD students with individual work-related problems can approach them for a listening ear and advice.



Head of Research Group; iDiv Speaker
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733205
Doctoral Researcher
Head of IT Support (GSU)
Phone: mail to person +49 341 97 33202
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733136


Administrative Assistant
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733114

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