Flexible Childcare at iDiv

iDiv offers a Flexible Childcare programme to support work-life balance and assist with (un-)planned childcare needs. Flexible Childcare is available for kids of iDiv staff and short-term visitors, for example workshop participants.

iDiv's nursery room is equipped with toys, books, craft materials and much more catering to the needs of children of different ages. The room has a small kitchen where lunch/snacks can be prepared and it can also facilitate rest/nap time. Photo gallery of iDiv nursery (coming soon).

Please note, that iDiv's flexible childcare programme does not substitute generally available childcare services by Kindergarten, Hort or other public childcare providers (e.g. Tagesmama). Childcare must be arranged and financed privately in events that are not directly related to an iDiv engagement, e.g. child pickup to/from school/Hort, evening babysitting etc. If unsure, contact us prior to requesting flexible childcare.

Request Childcare

To request childcare please send an email with the following information to childcare@idiv.de:

  •     Child’s/children's name/s and age/s
  •     Requested time frame for childcare (days, times)
  •     Important information the childcare provider should know about (e.g. allergies)
  •     Contact information of parent(s), incl. name, email and phone number one can best be reached

You will find the criteria for organization and funding of child care here.

Mobile Kids Box

This mobile kids box is ideal if you would like to entertain your child in your office while you wrap up your work. The kids box can be reserved by sending an email to childcare@idiv.de.

After use contents should be placed back into the box in an orderly manner and the box should be returned to the mail room (ground floor).

Childcare Offers during School Holidays

In cooperation with childcare provider Wiesenknopf, iDiv offers a holiday programme for iDiv families during summer school holidays. These offers are on demand only. Families are informed about upcoming offers via email.


Childcare requests are managed by Laura Lattus.

Administrative Assistant
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9739149
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