Counselling at iDiv

iDiv appointed two counsellors, Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz and Marten Winter. Employees can approach them with individual work-related problems for an open ear and support.

Any employee at iDiv can approach the counsellors requesting a confidential meeting. The counsellors will listen, provide advice and help you to find a proper way to solve your problems in work-related issues, for example, equal opportunity/gender issues, supervisor-doctoral researcher issues or employer-employee issues. All that is said in this personal meeting will be kept between the counsellor and the employee unless otherwise agreed.

The counsellors may be asked to be present at a meeting between the employee that approached her and another party at iDiv. The role of the counsellor in such a meeting will be purely to be present or at most to mediate the conversation. They will not choose anyone’s side. The counsellors will only act as a mediator on explicit request of the employee that approached the counsellor and upon explicit agreement of the other party present at the meeting.

The counsellors cannot provide legal, psychological or medical advice of any kind. They will always refer to the correct department/persons of the university at which the employee is appointed or to other professionals.

Coordinator (yDiv) & EOC Equal Opportunities Counsellor
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733125
Head of sDiv & EOC Equal Opportunities Counsellor
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733129
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