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Working in academia as a high-stress environment can be a challenge for maintaining mental health. The aim of this event series is to raise awareness for mental health issues occurring in academia.

Rethinking productivity

1 November 2023, 11:00 - 12:00 pm

Online via Zoom

Lecturer: Desiree Dickerson, PhD

Target group: Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

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Learn to see productivity through a well-being lens. Learn how to structure your day in a way that aids your concentration and focus, rather than constantly detracting from it.

We discuss:

  • how to create a routine during times of constant change
  • learning to ride the productivity wave
  • creating a rhythm that works for you, rather than against you
  • navigating the balancing act of families and research
  • how to plan to be (realistically) productive
  • using breaks to optimise efficiency

How to support your colleagues

8 December 2023, 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Online via Zoom

Lecturer: Desiree Dickerson, PhD

Target group: All iDiv status groups

Please register here

Learn about possible warning signs of a mental illness and how to approach a friend or colleague you are worried about.

More information will be added soon.


Desiree Dickerson, PhD

Desiree Dickerson is a clinical psychologist who specialises in the mental health and well-being of researchers and the academic community. Having worked as a researcher in New Zealand, Australia and Austria, Desiree now works globally with universities, lab groups, and academics in the pursuit of a healthier approach to research.


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