Introduction to Scientific Writing



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iDiv Leipzig, room Pollen

26-27 February 2024,
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Doctoral researchers

20 / 1.0 CP



Writing and publishing scientific articles is an essential part of the scientific process, which capstones the Ph.D. program. This course is designed to ease Ph.D. students into scientific writing and give them the tools to write their first research article.
I focus on the three aspects of paper-writing:
1) the structure and stylistic conventions of a scientific article (effective communication),
2) the organization of complex ideas into clear lines of reasoning (logical flow), and
3) tools to organize one’s schedule for successful and efficient writing (project management).

Didactic aim: The course will be taught in two full day meetings (16 hours in total), which will include lectures, exercises and discussions. During the exercises, students will be prompted to organize and develop different aspects of their own manuscript. By the end of the course, participants will have a detailed outline of all the sections of their manuscript.

Requirements: To participate, students must have started planning their paper and they must bring printouts of the main figures of the article they wish to work on to the course as well as a one sentence summary of their research. A short poll on writing habits will be sent to participants, and this should be completed prior to the course day.

Students are expected to be present and participate actively throughout the course.


Dr. Stephanie Jurburg

Steph is currently a postdoctoral researcher at UFZ, and communicating science is her favorite part of the research process.

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