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Feedback Dr. Guilherme Duarte Rossi

Assistant Professor at the São Paulo State University (Unesp)

Feedback Dr. Andressa Peres Bini

Post Doctoral Researcher at the São Paulo State University (Unesp)


Dr. Sylvia Haider  Institute of Biology/Geobotany and Botanical Garden, Halle

"We were supported in the following phases:

  • Application,
  • Planning of the sampling,
  • Advice on sample handling during the field campaign (including immediate feedback during fieldwork),
  • pilot analyses,
  • sample analysis (including sample extraction)
  • Processing of raw data (discussion on the most appropriate approach based on the specific hypotheses to be tested in the project).
  • Preparation of matrices for statistical data analysis.

I hope I have not forgotten anything. By the last two points I mean what we discussed today.
How would I rate the support? In short, without you we would be lost and the project or the metabolomics sub-project would fail. You are a very essential partner in DANCE. What I particularly appreciate is that you are really involved in the ecological issues. That is absolutely important, because otherwise we would be working at cross purposes. So I think we are the perfect example of an interdisciplinary project :-)."


Dr. Martin Volf   Institute of Entomology Biology Centre CAS, Czech Academy of Sciences

"I specialize on analyzing insect-plant interactions and evolution of chemical defences in plants. Obtaining high quality metabolomics data in collaboration with EcoMetEoR platform is an essential part of several of my ongoing projects that are funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Czech Science Foundation, and Czech Academy Sciences. My collaboration with EcoMetEoR platform has already resulted in two publications and many more are yet to be published.  In my opinion, this platform represents an excellent tool for cutting edge interdisciplinary research and facilitates collaboration between researchers across fields and countries."

What is the added value of metabolomics for your research?
We can dissect the evolution of chemical diversity of volatile compounds in our model plants to an unprecedented detail. This would not be possible without EcoMetEoR.

Which questions does it answer that you otherwise could not have address?
Among other research questions, EcoMetEoR helps us to investigate what is the specificity of plant responses induced by various insect herbivores. This will help us to answer if such specificity in induced defences can contribute to the diversity of plant secondary metabolites.

How did the Ecometeor personnel help you to achieve this?
EcoMetEoR personnel consists of experts who are always willing to provide all the necessary theoretical background and help with the analysis as well as with data interpretation.


Dr. Tristan CHARLES-DOMINIQUE (CNRS)  Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Paris

What is the added value of metabolomics for your research? Metabolomics provide accurate information concerning chemical defenses that we can compare to herbivore attack rates and alternative defense strategies such as spinescence.

Which questions does it answer that you otherwise could not have address ? For the first time, we can dissociate chemical defences against Mammals, Insects and Pathogens in a large set of species (64 tree species).

How did/will the Ecometeor personnel help you to achieve this? As partners, the Ecometeor personnel did the analyses and provided guidance. I am impressed by their professionalism and great patience with researchers who are not specialists in metabolomics.


Dr. Elina Mäntylä   Institute of Entomology Biology Centre CAS, Czech Academy of Sciences

"In our research we want to find how the chemistry of Ficus trees in Papua New Guinea affects the herbivores and their predators. Therefore, identifying and measuring the chemicals is the key point of the research. Especially the research of predator attraction has recently advanced a lot with the new studies and methods of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that plants emit when damaged by herbivores. When we can identify which VOCs are important for the attraction of predators, we can build a food web with also the communication method between trophic levels. The personnel of Ecometeor has been crucial for our research. They had the equipment and methods available to analyse our VOC samples. They have been also very helpful with explaining details and answering our questions. "


Dr. Ina Meier Plant Ecology, Albrecht-von-Haller Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Goettingen

"Ecometabolomics is a fundamental step forward in the analysis of complex rhizodeposits exuded by plant roots to their environment. It gives information on seldom analysed metabolites that are often overlooked, but may be ecologically relevant. Ecometabolomics addresses both the metabolite diversity and composition.

The Ecometeor personnel is extremely supportive of my research."


Dr. Diandro Barilli  Agricultural Entomology, Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná, Brazil

What is the added value of metabolomics for your research? Through metabolomics we were able to define which the main features are in greater abundance in the cassava genotypes with higher levels of resistance to insects. With this, try to define which compounds are involved in the resistance of cassava to insects.

Which questions does it answer that you otherwise could not have address ? Untarget metabolomics allowed the observation of a large number of potential molecules, which, if done otherwise, would not be possible. Which made it possible to compare the metabolic fingerprinting of the different genotypes

How did/will the Ecometeor personnel help you to achieve this? Ecometeor's staff were essential for the work to be carried out, with assistance in all the chemical analysis processes carried out in the laboratory. With the help of the chromatography devices, and interpretation and analysis of the data.


Dr. Tomonori Tsunoda  Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Japan

What was the scientific key finding arising from EcoMeteors support? EcoMeteors support have enabled me to analyse defensive metabolites in plants. I did not have such analytical techniques, so the support drastically improved my research. 

 Which publication contained data gained with EcoMeteor? Tsunoda, T., Grosser, K. & van Dam, N.M. (2018) Functional Ecology, 32, 2127-21

Do yo plan any publication based on data gained with EcoMeteor in near future? Yes. I, Axel Tow, and Nicole van Dam are now preparing the manuscript to submit to the special future “Glucosinolates: Regulation of Biosynthesis and Hydrolysis” in Frontiers in Plant Science.


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