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Your experiment at EcoMetEoR in five steps:

  1. Phone/email the coordinator of EcoMetEoR (; +49 341 9733233) to briefly explain the planned experiment.
  2. An EcoMetEoR form will be send to you. Please fill the form and send it back to
  3. All proposals are discussed in the monthly EcoMetEoR meeting and reviewed for their chances of successful implementation of ecometabolomics. You will be informed about the next date for the EcoMetEoR meeting. Afterwards a decision will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  4. If your application is successful you will be invited to iDiv or a skype meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details of the experiment with the EcoMetEoR team.
  5. After running the experiment you will be provided with analysis time.

Although the listed instruments are usually operated by the responsible iDiv employees, we highly encourage researchers to visit the platform and to receive in house training on specific equipment. Such agreements will be specified in the kick-off meeting and potential time horizons for the visit will be identified.

EcoMetEoR team

Jennifer Gabriel
Coordinator of EcoMetEoR
Personal webpage

Prof. Nicole van Dam
Head of group
`Molecular Interaction Ecology`
Personal webpage



Dr. Stefanie Döll
Postdoc 'Molecular Interaction Ecology'
Personal webpage



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