sUrBioCity - Deciphering Drivers of Urban Biodiversity across Multiple Scales

1st working group meeting 09.-13.10.2017

PI: Christopher Swan

Most work trying to understand species coexistence in the rapidly expanding urban environment looks at either large, regional scale patterns, or local assemblage structure. We will develop a theoretical framework for evaluating the local and regional processes shaping biodiversity and community assembly in urban plant and bird assemblages at the taxonomic, functional phylogenetic levels. We will test specific hypothesis on how multiscale environmental drivers (e.g., climate, habitat heterogeneity) interact with species traits and nativity to explain urban species coexistence.


Christopher Swan (University of Maryland); Dorothy Borowy (University of Maryland); Bryan Brown (Virginia Tech); Alienor Jeliazkov (iDiv/MLU); Sonja Knapp (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research UFZ); Zdenka Lososov√° (Masaryk University); Sandrine Pavoine (National Museum of Natural History, Paris); Carlo Ricotta (University of Rome); Daniel Sol (CREAF); Christopher Trisos (National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center)



2nd working group meeting 09.-13.04.2018

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