sTURN - Does time drive space? Building a mechanistic linkage between spatial and temporal turnover in metacommunities

1st date: 06.-10.11.2017
2nd date: 05.-09.11.2018

PIs: Zsófia Horváth; Robert Ptacnik

Local communities usually undergo changes in their composition over time. It has been suggested that this temporal turnover is a key process underlying elementary macroecological phenomena like beta diversity and species–area relationships, but empirical evidence is missing. Moreover, there is a disagreement about the importance of different processes that may drive temporal turnover. The aim of our working group is to establish a firm link between spatial and temporal turnover in metacommunities.


Zsófia Horvarth (WasserCluster Lunz); Robert Ptacnik (WasserCluster Lunz); David Angeler (Swedisch University of Agricultural Science); Maria Teresa Anton-Pardo (Universidade Federal de Goiás); Ana Borthagaray (Centro Universitario de la Región Este - Universidad de la República); Luc De Meester (KU Leuven); Stéphanie Gascón (Institute of Aquatic Ecology; University of Girona); Andros Gianuca (iDiv); Laura Melissa Guzman (University of British Columbia); Aliénor Jeliazkov (iDiv/MLU); Sandro Lanfranco (University of Malta); Silke Langenheder (Uppsala University); Pieter Lemmens (KU Leuven); Alexey Ryabov (University of Oldenburg); Patrick Thompson (University of British Columbia); Bram Vanschoenwinkel (VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel); Duarte Viana (iDiv/MLU)

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