sPSF: Soil microbial controls over plant coexistence - synthesizing data and theory to unravel context dependence of plant-soil feedbacks under global change

First meeting: 25th-28th October (fully virtual)

Gaurav Kandlikar, The Curators of the University of Missouri - Columbia, USA
Meghna Krishnadas, Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India

iDiv members: Stan Harpole

Project summary:
A central challenge in ecology is to predict how global environmental change will affect the processes that mediate the diversity and dynamics of plant communities. One type of process that is already being affected is the feedback between plants and soil microbes—a widespread mechanism that controls species coexistence, invasions, and succession. This group will address fundamental questions about how plant-soil feedbacks change with environmental context and interactive stressors, a problem that has gained urgency in the face of global change.

Group Members:

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