Dieser Inhalt ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar. Bei Fragen zur Kollaboration wenden Sie sich bitte an den sDiv-Koordinator Dr. Marten Winter.

sDiv Collaborations

Over the years sDiv has expanded collaborations with other synthesis centres and funding mechanisms, e.g. by having a joint call with the French Synthesis Centre (CESAB) and by supporting a working group and its several meetings for the pan-European funding sheme BioDivERsA. sDiv is also a partner in the first call of the Brazilian Synthesis Centre (SinBiose). In the past there has been a joint call with the U.S. National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC). As  part  of  the  Joint  Synthesis  Consortium  sDiv  is  helping  to  develop  the  idea  of  a  cross-centre  Ubersynthesis,  tackling  some  of  the  grand  challenges  in  biodiversity  research  and  beyond.



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