sEnigmas: Seeing the forest instead of the trees: identifying the common mechanisms behind enigmas of biodiversity

First meeting: 22nd-25th November 2021

Isaac Overcast, Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, France
Ana C. Afonso Silva, Université de Lille, France

iDiv members: Renske Onstein

Project summary:
Understanding how ecological and evolutionary processes interact across timescales is critical for understanding how biodiversity is generated and maintained. However, after decades of research several enigmatic or paradoxical patterns remain to be explained, which may be more fruitfully investigated by integrating theory across subfields (e.g. Lewontin's paradox). Our group, composed of modellers and empiricists specialized in community ecology, population genetics, and macroevolution, will develop a theoretical framework to synthesize processes across scales to generate a unified understanding of these cross-scale enigmatic patterns.

Group Members:

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