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sTeleBES - Telecoupled use of biodiversity and ecosystem services: synthesis of concepts, methods and evidence

working group sTeleBES

1st working group meeting: 28.11.-02.12.2016

PIs: Matthias Schröter; Thomas Koellner; Aletta Bonn

Ecosystems providing ecosystem services are often located far away from areas where people live and benefit from these services. Such inter-regional flows of ecosystem services can be induced by both human activities and environmental flows. Through use of such ecosystem services, countries can impact on biodiversity and the capacity to provide services beyond their territory. To date, however, national ecosystem assessments regularly consider ecosystem services only within national boundaries. The main aim of this proposed sDiv working group is to create a joint understanding of the problem of inter-regional use of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In a strongly interdisciplinary setting we will develop a conceptual framework, which synthesizes related concepts for framing the problem of telecoupling for provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services. We will identify methods from different disciplines to analyse inter-regional spatial flows of ecosystem services. In particular, we search for new methods that address regulating and cultural ecosystem services for which few assessment methods exist. Based on the conceptual insights from the first workshop, we will prepare a joint review to create a better understanding of the current state of the art of assessing inter-regional flows of ecosystem services and their implications for biodiversity. Based on the results of this review and the second workshop we will develop guidelines for national ecosystem accounting of inter-regional flows of ecosystem services. As telecoupling of ecosystem services is currently under-explored, we will also aim to identify key knowledge gaps and steps forward for advancing this field.

Matthias Schröter (iDiv); Aletta Bonn (iDiv); Jianguo Liu (Michigan State University); Berta Martín-López (Leuphana University); Karin Frank (iDiv); Laura López-Hoffman (University of Arizona); Joachim Maes (Joint Research Centre, European Commission); Meidad Kissinger (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev); Rob Alkemade (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency); Nynke Schulp (VU Amsterdam); Alexandra Marques (Leiden University); Kenneth Bagstad (World Bank & U.S. Geological Survey); Sebastian Arnold (University of Bayreuth); Sarah Wolff (VU Amsterdam); Carsten Meyer (iDiv), Christian Kuhlicke (UFZ); Jule Schulze (UFZ); Thomas Kastner (Alpen-Adria Universität - Klagenfurth-Vienna-Graz)

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