sPlat - Synthesis on Pollen Limitation and Terrestrial biodiversity

First meeting: 25.-29.01.2016

Tiffany Knight
Tia-Lynn Ashman
Janette Steets

iDiv member:
Walter Durka

Project summary:
The majority of flowering plants rely on pollinators for their reproduction and human perturbations to the environment disrupt plant-pollinator interactions and lead to widespread pollen limitation of plant reproduction. Such effects are expected to be most pronounced in regions with high terrestrial plant biodiversity, where competition for pollinators is strongest. We will quantitatively synthesize hundreds of pollen supplementation experiments and provide a global assessment of how regional factors and human perturbations correlate with the magnitude of pollen limitation.

Janette Steets; Jean Burns; Jing Xia; Junmin Li; Laura Burkle; Leandro Freitas; Marina Wolowski; Martin Burd; Tia-Lynn Ashman; Tiffany Knight; Walter Durka; Joanne Bennett; Gerardo Arceo Gomez; Allan Ellis; James Rodger

Meeting report

Writing retreat: 03.-09.10.2016 in Ohio, USA

Tiffany Knight; Joanne Bennett; Tia-Lynn Ashman; Janette Steets; Jean Burns

Meeting report


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