sEcoToxDiv - Ecotoxicology for B-EF research: experimental design of aquatic multi-trophic experiments

First meeting: 15.-18.12.2014

Frederik De Laender;
Paul Van den Brink

iDiv members:
Volker Grimm

Project summary:
The question how biodiversity (B) and ecosystem functioning (EF) relate has fascinated ecologists for decades. The contribution of environmental variables simultaneously and non-randomly affecting B and EF in food-webs driven by vertical interactions is at present poorly explored. This sDiv workshop wants to address this key B-EF issue by designing multi-trophic experiments that revisit classical B-EF questions in an environmental context by using pesticides as specific environmental filters.

Roman Ashauer (University of York); Harald Auge (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ); Donald Baird (Environment Canada); Uta Berger (TU Dresden); Frederik De Laender (University of Namur); Nico Eisenhauer (iDiv); Volker Grimm (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ); Udo Hommen (Fraunhofer IME); Lorraine Maltby (The University of Sheffield); Carlos J. Melian (EAWAG-ETH); Francesco Pomati (EAWAG-ETH); Viktoriia Radchuk (Leibniz-Institut IZW); Ivo Roessink (Wageningen University); Jason Rohr (University of South Florida); Paul van den Brink (Wageningen University)

Meeting report


De Laender, Frederik, (2016). "Reintroducing Environmental Change Drivers in Biodiversity–Ecosystem Functioning Research." Trends in Ecology & Evolution. see here

Jürg Spaak et al. (2017). "Shifts of community composition and population density substantially affect ecosystem function despite invariant richness." Ecology Letters 20: 1315–1324. doi:10.1111/ele.12828. see here

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