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sUCCESS – Pantropical forest succession

1st meeting: 16.-20.12.2019
2nd meeting 29.11-3.12.2021

PIs:Lourens Poorter, Nadja Rueger and Michiel van Breugel

Tropical secondary forests cover 25% of tropical forest landscapes and play an increasingly important role in delivering ecosystem services, such as biodiversity conservation or carbon storage. We will combine conceptual synthesis, data-driven pantropical analysis, and mech-anistic modeling to elucidate demographic and environmental drivers of tropical forest succession at local to continental scales. The results allow to make evidence-based decisions on how to manage secondary succession as the natural engine of forest restoration, and to de-sign effective forest restoration strategies.

Lucy Amissah (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana); Frans Bongers (Wageningen University & Research); Robin Chazdon (University of Connecticut (USA), University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)); Dylan Craven (Universidad Mayor Santiago de Chile); Caroline Farrior (University of Texas at Austin);  Bruno Herault (Cirad); Catarina Jakovac (Wageningen University); Stephan Kambach (iDiv); Jorge Meave del Castillo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México); Rodrigo Muñoz Aviles (Wageningen University & Research); Natalia Norden (Instituto Alexander von Humboldt Bogotá); Lourens Poorter (Wageningen University & Research); Nadja Rüger (iDiv); Michiel van Breugel (Yale-NUS College Singapore); Masha van der Sande (Wageningen University and Research)


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