Dr. Yacouba Kassouri




Kassouri, Y., Bilgili, F., Kuşkaya, S.

(2022): A wavelet-based model of world oil shocks interaction with CO2 emissions in the US. Environmental Science & Policy

Kassouri, Y., Okunlola, O. A.

(2022): Analysis of spatio-temporal drivers and convergence characteristics of urban development in Africa. Land Use Policy

Kassouri, Y.

(2022): Boom-bust cycles in oil consumption: The role of explosive bubbles and asymmetric adjustments. Energy Economics

Nazlioglu, S., Kassouri, Y., Kucukkaplan, I., Soytas, U.

(2022): Convergence of oil consumption: A historical perspective with new concepts. Energy Policy

Kassouri, Y.

(2022): Fiscal decentralization and public budgets for energy RD&D: A race to the bottom?. Energy Policy

Kassouri, Y., Altuntaş, M. and Alola, A. A.

(2022): The contributory capacity of natural capital to energy transition in the European Union. Renewable Energy

Kacou, K. Y. T., Kassouri, Y., Evrard, T. H. and Altuntaş, M.

(2022): Trade openness, export structure, and labor productivity in developing countries: Evidence from panel VAR approach. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

Kacou, K. Y. T., Kassouri, Y., Alola, A. A., Altuntaş, M.

(2021): Examining the sustainable development approach of migrants' remittances and financial development in sub-Saharan African countries. Sustainable Development

Kassouri, Y.

(2021): Exploring the dynamics of fishing footprints in the Gulf of Guinea and Congo Basin region: Current status and future perspectives. Marine Policy

Kassouri, Y.

(2021): Monitoring the spatial spillover effects of urbanization on water, built-up land and ecological footprints in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Environmental Management

Y. Kassouri, K. Y. T. Kacou, A. A. Alola

(2020): Are oil-clean energy and high technology stock prices in the same straits? Bubbles speculation and time-varying perspectives. Energy
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