Dr. Benjamin Dechant


Research Interests


I am interested in the spatio-temporal patterns and dynamics of vegetation with a focus on photosynthesis, leaf/canopy traits, as well as diversity. I am using both measurements and models from the leaf over the canopy up to global scales and am working with remote sensing techniques that include reflectance-based approaches as well as those based on lidar and (sun-induced) chlorophyll fluorescence. In terms of modelling, I am using process-based models and statistical approaches (including ML) as well as their combination.

Short CV


2021 - : Postdoc, German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig, Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences (sDiv), Leipzig, Germany

2017-2021: Postdoc, Seoul National University, South Korea

2013-2017: PhD, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ / Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany

2007-2012: BSc Physics, MSc Ecology, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
(including gap year for language studies in East Asia 2009/2010)

2005-2007: Physics pre-diploma (Vordiplom), Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany

Selected Publications


Kim, J., Ryu, Y., Dechant, B., Lee, H., Kim, H. S., Kornfeld, A., & Berry, J. A. (2021). Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is non-linearly related to canopy photosynthesis in a temperate evergreen needleleaf forest during the fall transition. Remote Sensing of Environment, 258, 112362. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2021.112362

Baldocchi, D. D., Ryu, Y., Dechant, B., Eichelmann, E., Hemes, K., Ma, S., Rey Sanchez, C., Shortt, R., Szutu, D., Valach, A., Verfaillie, J., Badgley, G., Zeng, Y., & Berry, J. A. (2020). Outgoing Near Infrared Radiation from Vegetation Scales with Canopy Photosynthesis Across a Spectrum of Function, Structure, Physiological Capacity and Weather. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. doi.org/10.1029/2019JG005534

Dechant, B., Ryu, Y., Badgley, G., Zeng, Y., Berry, J. A., Zhang, Y., Goulas, Y., Li, Z., Zhang, Q., Kang, M., Li, J., & Moya, I. (2020). Canopy structure explains the relationship between photosynthesis and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in crops. Remote Sensing of Environment, 241, 111733. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2020.111733

Dechant, B., Ryu, Y., Kang, M. (2019) Making full use of hyperspectral data for gross primary productivity estimation with multivariate regression: Mechanistic insights from observations and process-based simulations. Remote Sensing of Environment 234, 111435. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2019.111435

Zeng, Y., Badgley, G., Dechant, B., Ryu, Y., Chen, M., & Berry, J. A. (2019). A practical approach for estimating the escape ratio of near-infrared solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence. Remote Sensing of Environment, 232,  111209. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2019.05.028

Yang, K., Ryu, Y., Dechant, B., Berry, J. A., Hwang, Y., Jiang, C., … Yang, X. (2018). Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is more strongly related to absorbed light than to photosynthesis at half-hourly resolution in a rice paddy. Remote Sensing of Environment, 216, 658–673. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2018.07.008

Dechant, B., Cuntz, M., Vohland, M., Schulz, E., & Doktor, D. (2017). Estimation of photosynthesis traits from leaf reflectance spectra: Correlation to nitrogen content as the dominant mechanism. Remote Sensing of Environment, 196, 279–292. doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2017.05.019



Yan, Yulin, Ryu, Youngryel, Li, Bolun, Dechant, Benjamin, Zaheer, Sheir Afgen, Kang, Minseok

(2024): A multi-objective optimization approach to simultaneously halve water consumption, CH4, and N2O emissions while maintaining rice yield. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Li, Bolun, Ryu, Youngryel, Jiang, Chongya, Dechant, Benjamin, Liu, Jiangong, Yan, Yulin, Li, Xing

(2023): BESSv2.0: A satellite-based and coupled-process model for quantifying long-term global land–atmosphere fluxes. Remote Sensing of Environment

Yan, Yulin, Ryu, Youngryel, Dechant, Benjamin, Li, Bolun, Kim, Jongmin

(2023): Dark respiration explains nocturnal stomatal conductance in rice regardless of drought and nutrient stress. Plant, Cell & Environment

Dong, N., Dechant, B., Wang, H., Wright, I. J., Prentice, I. C.

(2023): Global leaf-trait mapping based on optimality theory. Global Ecology and Biogeography

Li, Xing, Ryu, Youngryel, Xiao, Jingfeng, Dechant, Benjamin, Liu, Jiangong, Li, Bolun, Jeong, Sungchan, Gentine, Pierre

(2023): New-generation geostationary satellite reveals widespread midday depression in dryland photosynthesis during 2020 western U.S. heatwave. Science Advances

Jeong, Sungchan, Ryu, Youngryel, Dechant, Benjamin, Li, Xing, Kong, Juwon, Choi, Wonseok, Kang, Minseok, Yeom, Jongmin, Lim, Joongbin, Jang, Keunchang, Chun, Junghwa

(2023): Tracking diurnal to seasonal variations of gross primary productivity using a geostationary satellite, GK-2A advanced meteorological imager. Remote Sensing of Environment

Kim, J., Ryu, Y., Dechant, B.

(2022): Development of a filter-based near-surface remote sensing system to retrieve far-red sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence. Remote Sensing of Environment

Kong, J., Ryu, Y., Liu, J., Dechant, B., Rey-Sanchez, C., Shortt, R., Szutu, D., Verfaillie, J., Houborg, R., Baldocchi, D. D.

(2022): Matching high resolution satellite data and flux tower footprints improves their agreement in photosynthesis estimates. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Zeng, Y., Hao, D., Huete, A., Dechant, B., Berry, J., Chen, J. M., Joiner, J., Frankenberg, C., Bond-Lamberty, B., Ryu, Y., Xiao, J., Asrar, G. R.Chen, M.

(2022): Optical vegetation indices for monitoring terrestrial ecosystems globally. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
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