Interdisciplinary Science in the Digital Age

Our projects focus on large spatial, temporal, and thematic scales, and integrate between multiple disciplines. Given this complexity, we routinely conceptualize and implement new methods and tools to tackle the challenges of interdisciplinary research using modern digital technologies.

In the Macroecology & Society lab, we see each research project as a component of a growing, interdisciplinary knowledge infrastructure. We regularly integrate the best available data and tools through a standardized framework, adopting a modular and scalable approach to research. Doing so, we create the foundations to continuously address some of the grand sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

To tackle the growing complexity of our lab’s research, we developed standardized data management frameworks that assure interoperability of our research, both within and outside the lab. Our Macroecology & Society Data Management Tools (masDMT) is the result of our efforts, providing lab members with standardized means to access internal data following FAIR principles, as well as to help them transfer research results within and outside the group in a standardised manner.

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