Visualization of Data and Results


iDiv, Leipzig, Germany

Credit points
0.5 CP (1.5 course days; attendance time: 9 hours, preparation time: 2 hours)

Course Language

Target Group
Doctoral Researchers and interested Postdoctoral Researchers

Plotting in R
Plotting phylogenies
Geographic mapping

Data input and processing for R; R plotting tools, plot types, graphics libraries, plot customization to include ggplot2.
Phylogeny representation and formatting; phylogeny visualization software; phylogenetic trees in R and Perl; depicting clades, taxa and ecological samples.
Mapping in R; geographic information and its representation; tools (including gdal) and R libraries.

Didactic Elements
Practical sessions

You will need
Familiarity with the R environment

Expected performance
Active participation to include production of publication-standard figures

Lecturer(s) in charge

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Douglas Chesters

PhD in Phyloinformatics from Imperial College London; Experienced in progressed methodology for constructing and utilizing species-rich phylogenies from mined insect data.

Dr. Tesfaye Wubet

Senior Scientist in Environmental Genomics at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Halle, Germany.

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