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Dunn-Capper, Rowan, Giergiczny, Marek, Fernández, Néstor, Marder, Fabian, Pereira, Henrique M.

(2024): Public preference for the rewilding framework: A choice experiment in the Oder Delta. People and Nature

Scherzinger, Friedrich, Schädler, Martin, Reitz, Thomas, Yin, Rui, Auge, Harald, Merbach, Ines, Roscher, Christiane, Harpole, W. Stanley, Blagodatskaya, Evgenia, Siebert, Julia, Ciobanu, Marcel, Marder, Fabian, Eisenhauer, Nico, Quaas, Martin

(2024): Sustainable land management enhances ecological and economic multifunctionality under ambient and future climate. Nature Communications
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