The independent market research institute imug Beratungsgesellschaft currently conducts scientific surveys about fishing and the development of fish population on the German Baltic sea coast under the guidance of Prof Dr Robert Arlinghaus and Prof Dr Julia Bronnmann. They call for fishers who already fished for cod or pike in the Baltic Sea or those who have plans to do so to attend the survey. By participating in the survey, fishermen have an opportunity to emphasize their interests. Participants also have the chance to win vouchers for fishing equipment by attending the surveys. For more details please visit

During the radio interview at SWR2 on 12.12.2019, Dr Strehlow shared the outcomes of the weekly surveys that were conducted with recreational anglers. Undertaken surveys included questions about the type and amount of fish that have been fished, the frequency of fishing and whether fishing restrictions are followed. Additionally, during the radio interview, Dr Strehlow talked about the current cod stock, fishing quotas and the reactions of the anglers to such quotas. Besides that, he provided an overview of undertaken analysis for the collected data. Namely, information about the number of recreational anglers, and the total amount that was fished. Furthermore, Dr Strehlow talked about the fishing regulations in the US that are stricter compared to ones in Germany and about his own fishing experience. For more details please visit,swr2-wissen-2019-09-18-100.html

On 02.11.2019 Prof Dr Robert Arlinghaus gave a talk for the FischFetzen podcast “Gemeinsam auf der Suche nach Erkenntnissen” („Together in search for knowledge“). In his talk Professor Arlinghaus gave an insight into the projects related to angling that are currently taking place at the IGB (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries) including marEEshift project. In addition, podcast covered topics of removal windows, fishing guidelines, work of fishing clubs and much more. For more details please visit

In his video interview on 14.10.2019, Dr Strehlow reported that the cod stock is currently close to the reference value. However, the goal is to increase the stock. Besides Dr Stehlow demonstrated how the age of the cod is being defined in the laboratory. Finally, he summed up that the fishing limit could lead towards the end of recreational fishing since cod is the main target of anglers.

In the associated article of ‘Bild’ journal, Dr Strehlow criticizes the impending introduction of a catch limit of 2 cod per day and angler by the EU Commission. From a scientific point of view, even a limitation to five or seven fishes would be reasonable. For more details please visit

In his interview with ‘Bild’ journal on 16.09.2019, Dr Strehlow reported about the current cod stock and its development from 2016 onwards. The current situation is better if compared to 2017; however, it is still below the lower limit that is required from a biological point of view. Concerning the discussion about the introduction of fishing quotas, Dr Strehlow suggested applying fishing quotas that are not that drastic and recommended to introduce a so-called “close seasons” instead. According to him, fishing quotas that are too high would have a deterrent effect on the angler-tourists, who make up the majority of anglers in Germany. For more details please visit

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