Don't Let It Drive You Nuts! Resilience and Self-Management for Researchers



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3, 8 and 10 September
9 am - 12:30 pm

12 / 0.25 CP


As a young researcher you enter into a time of great change. You have to meet new professional demands (regarding your field, employment, economic, future concerns); play numerous roles (supervisor’s assistant, autonomous researcher, self-promoter, academic author); and know your personal qualities (disposition, work speed, goals). Oh, wait, there’s also a thesis to write and a private life to take care of!

Don’t let this drive you nuts! There is a tool for self-management that allows you to master your life in academia and makes you bounce back when there are setbacks and crises: resilience. This programme activates and develops your resilience skills in interactive units of analysis, self-reflection, communication and pragmatic counsel over the course of one and a half days. My goal is to familiarise you with ready-to-use methods which strengthen your long-term productivity and your mental health and which help you maintain a balance between work and life.

Open to doctoral researchers, early-career scientists and postdocs


Dr Maik Goth

... teaches workshops on PhD and research management, academic English and communication skills.

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