Managing Crisis: A Crash Course in Resilience and Mindfulness



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9+23 April 2020, 10 am - 12 pm

12 / 0.25 CP


The current situation is a challenge to us all, and requires us more than ever to prevent or manage personal crisis. This online workshop introduces you to tools for self-management that allow you to master these challenges:
(1) resilience, the ability to make you bounce back from setbacks and crises;
(2) mindfulness, the practice that allows you to keep your calm in today's toils and troubles.

The trainer will familiarise you with ready-to-use methods which strengthen your productivity and mental health in interactive units of analysis, communication and pragmatic counsel. If crisis spells out one thing, then it is »Because you can!«

Methods: Online collaboration based on trainer's input and guidance. Focus is on self-analysis, communication and pragmatic counsel.

Structure: Two sessions of two hours each.
Session 1: activating resilience and mindfulness practice.
Session 2: examining recent experiences to develop skills and adapt them to your individual needs.

The course is open to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


Dr Maik Goth

... teaches workshops on PhD and research management, academic English and communication skills.

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